We are a visual thinking agency, and every day, we help people comprehend complex ideas thanks to professional visualisations. We are also one of the biggest and the most experienced producers of whiteboard animations in Europe.

If you are interested in our story, you can find it below. For now, a few numbers.

ExplainVisually in numbers:

19 – the number of languages we did our projects in (including Arabic, Hungarian, and Chinese),

50 – in 2018 our creativity was recognised in the “Brief” magazine ranking 50 Most Creative in Business,

100% – one hundred percent of our clients would recommend us to other companies, giving us 4.8 average score out of 5 (based on an anonymous poll conducted in October 2017),

200 – the number of projects we have worked on (as of July 11, 2018, and still counting!).


Our rules

Ever since ExplainVisually was founded, we are guided by a belief that business should not only work well but also bring people joy. Therefore next to the strictly business guidelines we always respected the two main rules.

The client’s comfort is very important to us.

We have always taken special care not only to provide our clients with high-quality professionalism but at the same time to show them our human face. We try our hardest for our clients to feel comfortable when contacting us. It shows in the mail we send, the calls we make, the meetings we take.

It often also means our help in the creative process, as sometimes it may be a challenge. Therefore we help our clients create the movies from A to Z. Even if they have only a vague idea of what they want the movie to be, we use our tried-and-tested procedures to gain information, so their explainer video is as good as they want to be, or better!

We always bet on long-term relations. That is why we deepen our cooperation with the marketing industry. 

ExplainVisually has partnered conferences such as:

We believe in doing the right thing.

Although we do not have the CSR department, we deeply believe in doing good things. Therefore, at least once a quarter, we produce a film for foundations and associations on preferential terms. Thanks to that, organisations who make the world a better place can afford to tell the world their stories using whiteboard animation.

As of today, we have produced explainer videos for: Stowarzyszenie WIOSNA – Szlachetna Paczka (SPRING Association – the Noble Box initiative), Ashoka Foundation, Polish Humanitarian Action, Kanthari, Tesco Foundation, UniCredit Foundation, Integration Association, Health Psychology Studio Association, Humanity In Action.

Apart from that, we act globally, producing movies for clients from all over the world.

How did it all start?

It was a warm May day in 2014 when Klaudia received a phone call. Little did she know it would forever change her career life.

As of then, Klaudia has already for years been conducting visual thinking trainings, as well as worked in graphic recording and graphic facilitation. Michał, since he had left a full-time job, has been freelancing building websites, landing pages, and doing online marketing. As it happens for couples, they have been helping each other in their different businesses. Now they were to try something new together.

When Klaudia picked up the phone, she heard Wiola’s voice.

“Our client, Carlsberg, needs a couple of animation movies. Like the one I have just e-mailed you. What do you say?”

“I have never done this before, but we’ll try!”

As soon as she hung up the phone, she was excited and anxious at the same time. She told Michał everything. It just so happened that a couple of weeks before, Michał has learned how to shoot and edit “talking heads” videos for one of his clients. Klaudia could draw, so now the hitch was in combining their abilities and make the animation together.

One month after that telephone call, that first production has seen the light of day. And they totally loved it. Luckily, because Carlsberg ordered three movies at once!

“If such big clients come, and no one else in Poland does projects like this, why don’t we be the first to do it?” they thought.

That is how their first “baby” was born – ExplainVisually.co. The very first company in the country to focus on whiteboard animation/video scribe. And since they have already had lighting equipment, in the middle of the night, after wrapping up the movies for Carlsberg, they have also decided to make one for themselves. A promo movie. They released it on social media.

As the months passed, new orders were coming, and the day still only had 24 hours… So the company started to grow, as scriptwriters, editors, storyboard artists, and illustrators joined.

In 2017 ExplainVisually evolved into a visual thinking agency, helping biggest brands to communicate complex things in a simple way.

Klaudia and Michał’s joint TEDx presentation on making money from passion

Here you can find opinions of our clients:

“The quality of the five movies ExplainVisually did for us exceeded our expectations. Viewers were really impressed with the way of presenting complicated subjects in an unusual way.

Cooperation with Maciek, Klaudia, and the whole team was really professional – even though the deadlines were very tight, they delivered the highest-quality materials. It is our pleasure to recommend ExplainVisually and their services.”

Peter Thommen


“ExplainVisually delivers products of very high quality. Movies they prepare explain in a lucid way even the most complex business aspects, and the animation is very smooth, friendly, coloured with the tones related to visual identification.

The cooperation proceeds smoothly, amicably; the agency always complies with the commitments in a professional and timely manner.”

Magdalena Tarnas-Kaczmarek
Internal Communications Director
Credit Agricole


“They were fully available and creative during our cooperation. Their patience and commitment, as well as understanding the needs of the client, make the quality of service really the highest level.”

Katarzyna Bąk
Project Manager


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