For many years we had little time to collect references.

But we finally started to do so… Because we have already worked with dozens of firms, the list below will quickly grow in size 🙂



“We have co-worked with ExplainVisually while preparing the presentation on our business plan and the 5-year strategy. The content was extremely important to us, as well as creating a material both professional and accessible so that we would be able to share it with our coworkers and clients.

The quality of the five movies ExplainVisually did for us exceeded our expectations. Viewers were really impressed with the way of presenting complicated subjects in an unusual way.

Cooperation with Maciek, Klaudia, and the whole team was really professional – even though the deadlines were very tight, they delivered the highest-quality materials. It is our pleasure to recommend ExplainVisually and their services.”

Peter Thommen
IKEA Global Shared Services

“Our cooperation with ExplainVisually lasts from 2015. During this time, the agency has prepared three movies for us, and we have been successfully sharing them in our internal communication with employees of our bank.

ExplainVisually delivers products of very high quality. Movies they prepare explain in a lucid way even the most complex business aspects, and the animation is very smooth, friendly, coloured with the tones related to visual identification.

The cooperation proceeds smoothly, amicably, the agency always complies with the commitments in a professional and timely manner.

It is our pleasure to recommend ExplainVisually and their services.”

Magdalena Tarnas-Kaczmarek
Internal Communication Director
Credit Agricole

“Cooperating with the ExplainVisually team went exemplary, even though it was not short of a thrill associated with the very tight schedule.

The team conducted the project in a very ordered and organised manner. Creative attitude, model communication, instant positive reactions to every change in the scripts, and quick implementing of the amendments convinced us that impossible projects are something ExplainVisually does offhand.

All that in good company with a heartfelt dose of good energy and sense of humour.”

Kamila Urbanowicz
Head of Customer Service Optimisation Team, Quality Department
Bank Millennium



“A great, creative team! They understood the subject and got a feel for the job instantly, and all the consultations regarding the script were cut down to one meeting. It needed just finishing touches. And I got to say, the subject was not easy.”

Beata Kenig
PR Consultant and Project Coordinator

“They were fully available and creative during our cooperation. Their patience and commitment, as well as understanding the needs of the client, make the quality of service really the highest level.”

Katarzyna Bąk
Project Manager

“We want to certify that ExplainVisually produced a 30-second ad, promoting the services of our companies Elsat and Sileman.

The ad, which we started emitting in November 2017, met a very enthusiastic reception, that can be proven with the reactions of the website users or the number of views.

The cooperation went very amicably. The ExplainVisually team was very professional. Above all, they were oriented on meeting our goals, what could be sensed by instant reactions to our messages, addressing our concerns, and proposing better solutions that surely contributed to the success of the campaign.

ExplainVisually offers services of the high-quality level. Experienced employees are willing to share their knowledge, proposing interesting ideas, and suggesting better solutions.

We are very satisfied with our cooperation with ExplainVisually. Considering all the aspects we listed above, we definitely recommend the company to every entrepreneur putting their money on innovativeness and modern forms of promotion for their products or services.”

Kamila Sołdrowska
Head of Marketing and PR Department

“In 2017 ExplainVisually produced for Goethe-Institut an interesting and successful movie as part of a project “The German has class.” The cooperation went exemplary thanks to thoroughly prepared materials and thoughtful procedures. During all the stages of producing, ExplainVisually proved their reliability, flexibility, and openness to our needs, including the needs for modifications during the stage of post-production.

The contact was smooth. They reacted professionally to every suggestion and met the deadlines. We recommend their services!”

Ewa Dorota Ostaszewska
“The German has class” Project Coordinator

“I have cooperated with ExplainVisually in creating a movie about my school in Radowo Małe town.

The goal was to show the teachers, school directors, people in the education field, that it is possible to reform Polish schools even without the big money and backup from the Ministry. We used the example of our school, one we have successfully changed for years now.

The effects exceeded our expectations completely. Only on Facebook, the movie scored over 35.000 views and over 500 shares, which is a great result in the field of education.

What was especially important for us, the movie managed to encourage teachers and directors to visit Radowo and talk about solutions to reform their own schools. Some of them invited us to their schools.

I am very satisfied with the professionalism, creativity, and commitment from the whole team during every stage of the production, and I strongly recommend cooperation with ExplainVisually.”

Ewa Radanowicz
Elementary School in Radowo Małe