Maciek, our Managing Director, has been a huge fan of football for over 20 years and he’s always been dreaming about cooperation with the Polish Football Association. So when they actually called us to say that they needed to explain to football coaches complex regulations of the tournament, we rushed straight to work.

Especially considering the fact that the tournament “Z podwórka na stadion o Puchar Tymbarku” (From the yard to the stadium for a Tymbark’s Cup) is the biggest children’s football tournament in Europe. Among its laureates are e.g. Arkadiusz Milik or Piotr Zieliński, starts of the Italian league and members of the Polish representation.

We decided to create two infographics: one about the dates and stages of the tournament, and the other about the children who can compete. The infographics were to be sent via PFA’s newsletter and printed in the leaflets aimed at coaches.

That was a great challenge. There were hundreds of dates, deadlines and numbers, and we really wanted to translate it into simple and easy material.

After all, we’ve made it, and the effect can be seen here:
inphographic tymbark 1

inphographic tymbark 2

Moreover, as a thank you for fruitful cooperation, we have been gifted a signed photo of Robert Lewandowski. Soon it got straight to the recipient, Michał Matuszak, who created the infographic. Michał donated the photo to charity, to support a boy suffering from leukaemia.

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