Our Graphic Recorders take part in the meeting, translating its course into the language of illustration.

Thanks to this, it’s easier for employees to follow the main thread and get a full picture of the situation. This allows them to make the best decision about strategy, product or communication.

We also conduct this type of recording at company conferences and events.

We implemented visual support for the largest corporations. Unfortunately, most customer records cannot be shared due to NDA.

Management chooses this format for three reasons:

  • Graphic Recording helps you make better decisions.

Graphic Recorder organizes and summarizes the entire discussion on a given topic, thanks to which the Team gets a full picture of the situation. This brings them closer to important conclusions and allows them to make the best possible decision on strategy, product or communication.


  • Meeting gains in productivity.

Participants looking at graphic recording see what has already been discussed and where the discussion is going. Because their statements are recorded, it encourages them to participate in the conversation. In addition, they are stimulated at an additional level – visual. Thanks to this, they are not only more involved, but also look at the topic from a new, creative side.


  • Visual content is remembered by people for longer.

Thanks to this, the meeting will stay longer in the minds of the recipients. Graphic Recording photographed and packed into PDF can also be used as a summary note of the meeting.


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