“Vision without action is a daydream.
An action without a vision is a nightmare.”

Japanese proverb

Constant lack of time, constant changes, thousands of decisions to make.

That is the reality of today’s boards. A clear vision of the company’s development helps to survive in this difficult environment.

That is why we support top management in two main ways:

1) During key meetings, we help them see the “big picture.” That enables them to make clever decisions.

2) We put your company’s strategy in the form of easily understandable examples and visualisations. That enables all the employees to deeply comprehend the sense of the actions to be undertaken.

We have worked with boards of medium-sized enterprises and the biggest corporations.


See what we did for them.

Strategy workshops

Sometimes it’s only one meeting that it takes to decide the company’s development direction. That’s when you want to be absolutely sure that you have taken everything into account and made wise decisions.

That is why at your meeting, there is our Graphic Recorder.

Standing in front of a flipchart, they visualise in real-time what you say using visual metaphors. Members of the meeting see a clear, graphic summary of their discussion, which enables them to see the full picture.

And no thread will go unfollowed.


Key presentations

You can prepare the best strategy, but you still have to pass it on accurately. If your strategy is not understood and accepted by your employees, there will be a pushback in implementing it. Along with the pushback come delays and costs…

That’s why we create presentations for the boards that tell their vision in a clever, convincing way. Visualisations made-to-measure can narrate your story in a way that inspires your employees.


Explainer videos

Sometimes presentation slides are not the best solution.

Then we create for your board an animation that can put your most important decisions in the form of a story.

Your employees better understand the business context and are more willing to accept the changes. And when the narrator is a member of the board, employees feel it’s more personal and not another dry corporate material.

    Visualisations for PR and internal communication

    It’s hard to explain a complex idea in a simple way.

    When the text is being prepared for magazines or intranet, it’s the necessity, though. Each distortion in the communication may have dire consequences.

    That’s why we cooperate with the PR department and put their words into a visualisation that completes the articles and makes no room for misunderstandings.

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