Your employees’ mail folders rip at the seams.

There’s constant pressure to seek innovative solutions and thinking outside the box.

And to that add the need to build in your teams the skills of the future.


The role of today’s HR is really demanding. 


We know that, because for years, we have been supporting the HR department in three main ways:

We support the communication.
We help you get through hundreds of e-mails and get to the employee with the key message. Thanks to that, your new strategy, IT system, or procedure will not go unnoticed.

We support you through key meetings.
Key meetings are the ones where important decisions are being made. We help you get the discussion in order so that everyone can see the big picture.

We support development of employees’ skills.
We help your employees develop their skills in communication and problem solving. Above all, it’s thanks to visual thinking training and post-training materials.

Explainer video and whiteboard animation

We help you tell about new initiatives through the animation. That way, we also create e-learning materials and post-training materials.

They are easily understandable and very clear. Your employees will have no difficulties understanding the meaning behind the actions undertook by the company, and that enables them to identify and commit when implementing new solutions.

Visualisations and visual stories

We create accurate, simple visualisations telling the story of your new strategy or procedures. They get not only to intranet or mailing but also to print.

An alternative way is visual stories, which can briefly and humorously educate your employees.




Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation


Our Graphic Recorders take part in your meeting, translating the content to illustration. Your employees follow the threads easier, they get the big picture easily, and thanks to that they make the best possible decisions for the strategy, product, or communicating.

That type of recording may also be helpful at conferences of company events.



Visual Thinking training

We can help your employees communicate more effectively and to solve problems more creatively. How? We train them in Visual Thinking – a method used daily in Silicon Valley.

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