If your employees match any of the following points, then our workshop can be useful for them:

– they want to acquire a skill that will make them stand out at work and be useful both at a business and social meeting, or while playing with children,

– they work in a corporation and are bored with boring presentations and PowerPoint,

– they are managers and they manage people, communicate with them and want to do it even better, more effectively, more clearly,

– they are trainers and teach other people, they want to better transfer knowledge, make their workshop more attractive, become better remembered.


How will participation in the workshop help?

They probably sometimes sit at a meeting, class or lecture and look at the phone because they are simply bored in the world. Maybe they would like to remember important things more effectively, such as task lists, training content or fond memories.

There is also a chance that they would like to convey their point of view in a transparent and engaging way – at work or among friends.

It is possible that they would simply like to learn and presentations full of creativity and fun!

That is why we created the workshop “Thinking, or visual thinking for everyone.”

Without long lectures and PowerPoint. Instead, there will be plenty of practice and positive energy, thanks to which the participants leave the training with specific skills and a smile.

And by the way they find a lot of inspiration about ways to use visual thinking in everyday life.


Workshop formula

When Klaudia – 7 years ago – began learning Visual Thinking, she did not find anyone in Poland who would do it. So she had to learn from books. As a person who likes contact with people, he definitely prefers training, which is why he mainly trains in workshops today.

If your employees also prefer to learn with other people, among conversations and trainer’s advice, they will definitely enjoy it.

And most importantly…

They do not need to have “drawing talent” to take part in classes.

This basic workshop on visual thinking, in various versions, has already taken place over 100 times. During this time, I have never happened that someone’s “lack of talent” would be an obstacle. You don’t need to have experience in drawing to see huge progress.

How does it look like

Each participant will receive a workbook, which is the result of many years of work of the Visual Thinking trainer. We will use it during classes, so that participants will be more likely to look after it after the workshop!


Module 1 

– 2 in 1 – presentation of the training plan + introduction of the trainer (drawing of course!)

– we are building a drawing contract

– we get to know the drawing (I in Figure 1.0) (icebreaker)

Module 2 

– we draw a 5-minute sketchbook summarizing the first module

– a note why you should use drawings?

– acquaintance with the author’s model “Success in Thinking”

– “SWOJAK” – a drawing course showing how to draw – we draw objects, animals, people and emotions

Module 3 

– we draw a 5-minute sketchbook summarizing the second module

– Blind cartoon phone (energizer – if needed)

– we are building our icon bank, which is fun in “Creative Theft”

– how to combine and organize everything now? – space design

Module 4 

— we draw a 5-minute sketchbook summarizing the third module 

– we create our own drawing according to our own idea

– FuckUp management, or how to cope when we miss each other’s hand?

– we create the second version of the first drawing to (I in Figure 2.0)

– summary, certificates, metaphorical final round


Participant after the workshop:

– knows why it is worth using visual thinking in life, business and education,

– uses the basic 5 drawing elements from which he can draw almost anything,

– draws a man in at least 3 ways,

– uses drawing tricks showing 3D effects, movement and emotions,

– can independently design and make a drawing, effective and legible note,

– understands that less in the drawing means more,

– knows that drawing is not only a way to increase personal efficiency, but also fun

Average rating of my trainings in 2017 is: 9,48/10. 🙂


Ryślicielka®, Member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners and “founding mother” of the Visual Thinking movement in Poland. He has been professionally involved in visual thinking for over 6 years, training and creating Graphic Recording for companies such as Google, Orange, IKEA, PKN Orlen, EY, Microsoft, Danone, ING and PepsiCo.
He loves to develop human creativity, convince new people to draw and use Visual Thinking in everyday life. Klaudia is also a co-creator and creative director of the most experienced whiteboard animation studio in Poland – ExplainVisually.co.
She loves her work, which is her passion and that is why she actively promotes Visual Thinking in Poland. She is the founder of the largest fanpage dedicated to Visual Thinking in the country, a 3-times announcer at TEDx conferences and a frequent guest of mainstream and specialist media.
With admirable enthusiasm (and efficiency!), He infects faith that everyone can draw. Ryśli always and everywhere – even when cooking in the program Cooked! 😛 

Klaudia’s TED lectures on drawing:

– TEDxWroclaw („It’s half done when you’ve drawn it”), 

– TEDxSopot („Return to childhood dreams through drawing”), 

– TEDxWarsawUniversityofTechnology („Drawing is not about drawing at all” – together with fiance and business partner Michał Trochimczyk). 


Courtesy of Neuland.com, as an award is the competition during the workshop, 5 winners will get a gift – drawing markers: 


Five different prints (of random choosing). 

Set consists of: 

– Neuland NoOne® Outliner chisel tip 

– Neuland BigOne®, red and orange (601) 



Set consists of: 

– sketchOne 0,5 mm 

– fineOne, brush tip, light grey (102) 

– fineOne, brush tip, pastel blue (303) 

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