Every once in a while, the HR department must communicate a larger project.

New headquarters, new strategy, new IT system. All these topics require special attention from employees. That is why it is so important to reach them.

If you want to see how we did it with Orange, then our Case Study can be found at this link.

Sometimes employees also need to be trained in a specific topic. We help employees learn in a pleasant and effective way.

If you want to see how our video supported the strengthening of customer service standards among 2,000 Bank Millennium employees across Poland, then you can find Case Study at this link.

Explainer Video

Most often, we achieve our clients’ goals with the help of an explainer video that quickly and easily explains complex topics.

Thanks to them, we can stand out among numerous information. Both on the Intranet and in emails.

Such a film performs the same function as a man standing at a blackboard and explaining something complicated to the audience. The difference is that the animation – unlike humans – can be sent to the entire company. And we are sure that nothing will be twisted.

The animation is much more dynamic than previously prepared PowerPoint, thanks to which the recipient is more likely to follow it.

Thanks to the appropriate script design, actor’s voiceover, and visualizations, the animation attracts attention and is remembered for a long time.

In video productions, we use guidelines provided by the client regarding the purpose, style of the film, characters and used slogans. In the whole process, we also perform an advisory function, helping – based on our experience with over 200 projects – to create the dream animation.


Sample topics of our projects


  • IKEA: How to convey a new strategy to employees in the USA, Poland, and China in an understandable way?
    Orange: How to encourage employees to use new IT systems?
    Credit Agricole: How to educate employees from new procedures for holding meetings?

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