When we talk about complex products, a picture says more than a thousand words.

But only if it’s accurately chosen.

Stock pictures will not help anyone better understand your new strategy or product.

The well-thought visualisation will summarize or display a fresh side of everything you’ve described in the publication. Thanks to it, the viewer will remember it for longer. 

After that, the visualisation may serve as an independent material to share on social media or on the internet pages.

One of the main advantages of the visualisation is that it’s easier to convince a journalist to brand it. And then, your logo goes into the publication.


The visualisation makes your recipient understand and memorize your message.


Let’s check it on an easy example: a text about Facebook’s strategy.

Test only:

Facebook’s strategy was to expand the target group slowly. They started with Harvard students, and when they succeeded, they expanded the portal onto other Ivy League universities. Then they went open to all the USA universities. Their next step was to open the portal to high school students. And then, the whole world.

And now with the visualisation that summarizes it:

That type of visualisations let you reduce all kinds of mistakes. Thanks to them, journalists, employees, clients, stakeholders, they all understand your vision with no misinterpretation.

Such projects are created in strict cooperation with your board or PR department. That enables us to pass on your main idea precisely. We can also fit the material to your brand’s visual identification.

Examples of visualisations done for PZPN or BIK:

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