A week ago Seegnature, an Israeli InsurTech start-up, used our whiteboard animation during a pitch – presentation to the investors. The stake was high.

Pitch is a key moment for a start-up. Several minutes of presentation may determine the company’s future.

Especially when the company has reached finals of a contest with the main prize of $1 million!

At that moment, every word matters. You have to do everything possible to make the investors understand your idea, get your enthusiasm and recognize your company’s value. PowerPoint itself may not be enough.

There was no time for showing the entire product. Which is why Seegnature decided to order video from us, to present in a quick, clear and effective way how their service works.

During their final presentation, they showed the film to the jury and… they won the contest and received the check for $1 million!

 You can read more about the subject in a press note from Jerusalem Venture Partners.