FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to produce an animation?

Most often animation production takes 4-6 weeks.

This, of course, depends on the length of the animation, its complexity, the studio’s occupancy, and the availability of the client, whose feedback is needed for the next stages of the work.

You can read more about production in the article: “Explainer video production process“.

How long should the animation be?

Most of our marketing and sales animations are 1-2 minutes long.

In contrast, animations for internal communications are usually longer: 2-4 minutes.

Why the difference?

The recommended length of an animation depends on several factors.

  • How interested is the recipient in the topic of the animation?

If they are actively searching for a company providing IT services, they will spend a lot of time watching an animation that tells about one of the companies.

If, on the other hand, they are browsing YouTube, are not interested in the services of such a company and are shown an ad for them, their patience will be much less. The animation should therefore be shorter.

  • What is the company’s goal?

When the animation is to build brand awareness, we recommend shorter videos.

When it is intended to educate employees, 2 minutes may not be enough (we recently even did a 10-minute educational animation for internal purposes of one of the multinational corporations).

We always advise clients during a call on what length of time will be most conducive to their goals.

I have no idea about the script. Is that a problem?

Not at all. We write scripts from scratch for most of our animations.

At the beginning we collect information and materials from you – brochures, presentations, documents, etc.

We conduct a workshop, during which we ask additional questions and try to better understand your product / service / problem.

Then, based on this, we write and send you the first version of the scenario, which you give feedback on. There are 2-3 rounds of revisions at the script stage, so you have control over the shape of the animation.

And if you want to prepare the script yourself, we wrote an article with 16 tips on the subject: ”How to write a script for an animation?

How much does an animation cost?

An animation usually costs $2.5-8k.

It depends on a great many factors, including the length of the animation, its complexity, and its type. We write more about it here: Animation cost. In this article, you will also find sample pricing.

Why exactly should I choose your animation studio?

1. We have already prepared more than 500 animations for many different industries in 19 languages! Here you can see some examples: Industries.

2. Restructuring in a rocket engine factory? How about OSS/BSS? We are not afraid of difficult topics.

3. We thoroughly prepare for script writing. We meticulously dig into the client’s materials, conduct a workshop with them, and do research on the competition. All this so that the animation can fulfill its purpose.

4. We know how to create effective and not just visually attractive materials. Examples of the results of our work include:

5. We create animations according to your brand guidelines. We carefully review your brand book and other materials so that the animation is consistent with them. Our animation studio works with several illustrators, each with a different style – we select them to suit your needs.

6. We guide you through the entire production process. At the beginning of the cooperation process, you get a schedule of work on the animation. You retain full control over the shape of the animation at all stages of work.

7. There are no hidden costs in our offer. When you buy an animation, you pay for the script, music, voice-over, and revising rounds. Everything is included in the price agreed on at the beginning.

Will we see a sketch before you send the animation?

Of course.

At the beginning of our cooperation, we discuss the style that best suits you. You can send us examples of animations that you like.

Combined with the analysis of the materials and the workshop(s) we conduct with you, this helps us know what direction to take the script in.

It is the script that is the first draft of the animation. In it we discuss the overall concept, voiceover text, and scene descriptions. This stage of work takes into account 2-3 rounds of revisions.

The next draft is the storyboard. In it we come up with the color scheme, size, and placement of elements on the screen. This stage also takes into account 2-3 correction rounds.

Before we start animating and editing, you also choose the voiceover from the samples we send you.

So throughout the process you have control over the final result and you will not only see the preliminary draft of the animation, but supervise the work on it and give ongoing feedback as well.

What kind of topics do you deal with? How do I know you can handle mine?

We have already worked with more than a dozen industries, both B2B and B2C companies. 

We have already touched on our productions with such topics as restructuring in a rocket engine factory, South Africa, migration of corporate data to the cloud and many, many more.

We don’t have as much knowledge in the topic you came to us with as you do. You are the experts. That’s why we conduct a workshop with you and thoroughly review your materials – we want to get to know your product / service / problem before we start working on the animation.

For that, we know how to make the viewer curious, and how to present a complicated topic in a simple way.

Thanks to the fact that we don’t work with topics on a daily basis, we look at your product like your target group – with fresh eyes. We are able to empathize with them, thanks to which we can create effective animations.

What goes into the price of the animation?

In the price of the animation you get:

  • workshop (0.5-1.5 hours, depending on your needs and topic)
  • script
  • storyboard
  • voiceover recording
  • possible corrections (we determine the number of correction rounds before the project starts)
  • music
  • illustrations

You do not pay extra for any of these things. Everything is included in the price agreed to at the beginning of the cooperation process.

There are no hidden costs in our studio.

What stands on my side and the animation studio's side?

On our side stands:

  • conducting a workshop with you
  • writing the script
  • preparing the storyboard
  • drawing and recording scenes in the studio or preparing graphics
  • animating
  • editing
  • preparing voiceover and music
  • translating the animation into other languages
  • keeping an eye on the schedule and keeping you informed about the process

On your side is:

  • sending the materials needed to prepare the animation
  • sharing your knowledge with us during the workshop
  • feedback on the script and storyboard
  • selecting the voiceover (from samples provided by us)
What type of animation to choose?

We always ask the most important information during a conversation with the client, including the purpose of the animation and the target audience. Based on this we advise the type of animation and provide examples.

We do 2D animation:

  • whiteboard animation – these are animations drawn by hand in the studio [whiteboard animation allows, for example, to shorten the distance between the company and the customer; it warms the image];
  • digital whiteboard – these are animations created on a computer, but they look as if they were drawn on the screen by hand, i.e. we see how the lines are outlined, color subsequent elements, etc. [digital whiteboards display brand colors well];
  • vector animations – computer animations [vector animations, if only by zooming in and out, allow you to show the interiors of products, which is why they are usually chosen by IT companies].
What is the animation production process like?

We have dissected the exact step-by-step production process in this post. In brief, the process consists of the following steps:

  • Collection of materials (including Brief)
  • Workshop with the client (usually online)
  • Creating the script (plus 1-3 rounds of revisions)
  • Creating the storyboard (plus 1-3 revision rounds)
  • Drawing and filming or preparing graphics for animation
  • Editing / Animation
  • Possible revisions to the animation
What languages do you do animations in?

In whatever languages you need.

We have done projects in more than 19 languages, including Hungarian, Arabic, and Chinese.

When an animation is to be in Polish and later translated into other languages, it’s a good idea to say so at the beginning of the cooperation process.

What information do you need from me at the beginning of the cooperation process?

At the beginning we need the following information:

  • What do you assume the length of the video will be (30 seconds, 1-2 minutes, 3 minutes, longer)?
  • How much time will we have to make the film?
  • Will the film be broadcast on television or cinema?
  • What materials will we receive to create a script based on them? (e.g. presentation, brochure, etc.).
  • What language versions will the film be in? If not only Polish, are other versions to be made with voiceover or subtitles?
  • What kind of animations do you like? What styles are you thinking about?

Of course, you don’t have to provide all this information in the first email. We will ask you about them in the Brief and further inquire during the follow up phone call. All you need to do is contact us – Contact.

Are there any hidden costs? What do you charge extra for?

We try to be as transparent as possible.

In the price of animation you get: workshop, script, storyboard, voiceover recording, corrections, music, illustrations.

You pay extra only in the case of:

  • Additional revision rounds – that is, you pay more only if there are more revision rounds than we agreed on at the beginning.
  • Major changes in animation in the final stages of production – at the end we usually modify the pace of animation, the volume of music, transitions. We do not modify things fine-tuned in the script and storyboard stage. So if you want to change the voiceover text, the overall concept and the content of the scenes, it means going back to the previous stages of work and necessarily increasing the cost.
  • Translations of animations into other language versions – when this was not fixed in the initial quote.
Do we get any work schedule?

Yes, you get a work schedule for animation in Asana. We also discuss it with you at the beginning of the cooperation process.

If we wanted to change something in the animation, for example, six months later, is it possible?


There are times when a company changes its logo or product packaging… or for other reasons wants to add or remove an element from the animation.

That’s why we keep the working files for 3 years and make changes to the animations as needed.

Do you send source files?

We send the finished animation in any predetermined format, however, we usually do not send working files, unless by prior arrangement for an additional fee.