Video animations for E-commerce

Do you want to encourage customers to come to your site and buy your product?

Then you need something to grab their attention, and stand out from the competition. Animations, could be exactly what you need..

Take advantage of our experience in producing dozens of animations for e-commerce.

  • We can emphasize what makes your product different, and unique for prospective customers
  • We can take care of the dynamics and twists in the animation to make your potential customers watch the ad to the end, so you will spend your campaign budget more effectively
  • We can show the purchase process step-by-step, e.g., emphasizing that it takes just 10 seconds from the moment you put the product in the shopping cart to the end of the order.
  • We can visualize the benefits of buying your online course(s).
  • We can introduce your offer using storytelling and an intriguing main character, such as a superhero or your “average joe”, whatever suits your message.


We have already produced more than 480 animations, including over 32 around the theme of E-commerce. We have been trusted by, among others:


The animation shows how the company helps you create an online store in three simple steps.

In the video, we incorporated real-life photos and images into a vector animation.

The animation is dynamic, yet simple and corresponds very well with the company’s graphic design.


The animation is aimed at people planning to replace their car tires, so the target audience is broad, since everyone who has a car is a potential customer.

This animation was also used as an ad on YouTube, which is why we have an engaging and dynamic start, that hooks viewers in and encourages them to watch more than just the first 5 seconds.

The character of the opo-superhero gives the video a lighter touch, and positions opomarket as the perfect solution.

The purpose of the animation was to present a new category that Ceneo entered – selling original clothes and accessories.

In the animation, we used various props, including fabric fragments, to make viewers curious and hold their attention.

For this reason, we decided to use whiteboard animation, or hand-drawn animation – this style helps shorten the distance between the company and the customer.


The purpose of the animation was to show how the Plasmacluster technology works, why it is effective and why you should buy a SHARP air purifier.

Presenting the technology as a superhero that saves the day, makes the message easier to understand.

The video on the company’s YouTube channel already has over 250,000 views, and we have produced many more animations, off of this one.

Working with ExplainVisually was structured from the start – we were given detailed information about the process and guidance that helped us quickly get to grips with the script.
From the beginning, we were impressed with how they were able to tell our story with images and convey the atmosphere of the course.

When we needed to change the video a bit after 2 years – there was no problem at all! The EV team found a solution, thanks to which the film serves us to this day. We highly recommend it!

Adam Karminski

COO, Bethink


The animation is designed to encourage the buying and selling of tickets on the AleBilet service.

In our animation we addressed the problems of the target group one at a time, and through visuals showed how AleBilet improves the process of buying and selling tickets, addressing the key consumer pain points.

We also cleared up potential doubts from viewers, such as the verification process.


Our animation for BluzUp, demonstrated how their innovative way of ordering sweatshirts and corporate gadgets works and how it differs from other offerings available on the market.

We showed what the process of ordering products looks like, on the one hand summarizing it in one slide, and on the other going hand in hand through all the steps with our viewers.

We craft animations that go beyond visual allure, prioritizing profound impact for our clients. This commitment drives us to thoroughly grasp your company’s needs and your audience’s preferences. We meticulously examine the themes to be covered prior to initiating any project.

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