Animations for the Manufacturing sector

We can help. We have significant experience in creating animations for the Manufacturing sector.

  • We can demonstrate what your company’s processes look like, such as the process of ordering parts for your production line or quality control at the plant.
  • We can replicate your companies buildings and rooms, so it will be easier for your employees to picture themselves in that setting.
  • We can visualize your company’s products, whether they are construction materials, high tech components, or packaging materials.



We have already produced more than 480 animations, including over 12 for the Industrial sector.
A few of the projects, that we have worked on are:


We prepared the animation for the company’s anniversary, and so we decided to bring the company’s history to live. Where it all started, how it went, and where it is heading.

The video was made in the style of whiteboard animation (drawn by hand and recorded in the studio), so we were able to use real-life building materials. This allowed us to make the video a lot more relevant, bringing the viewer into the action.

Cubic Inch

In this animation that is aimed at production facilities that want to order machine parts quickly in the event of an emergency – we showed what the parts ordering system looks like, and how to use it.

By animating elements of the company logo, we have added dynamism and relevance to the animation.


For Winaico, we presented the highlights of the company’s offer in a catchy video, that was then used by salespeople during customer meetings.

As the animation is aimed at potential customers, who have already expressed initial interest in the offer. In the video we use data, statistics, and research results, to push them over the line, and turn them into paying customers.

Explain Visually listened carefully to our needs at the start, and were therefore able to work independently during production. Their initial material required very few revisions. We were very pleased with this, as the animation took much less time and energy to produce than we had anticipated.

We believe that we have created a pioneering educational film in the PV industry that will help and educate our customers for many years to come.

Paweł Jeliński

Country Manager Poland, Winaico

DCT Gdańsk

The goal of the animation was to show truck drivers why a new notification system was implemented at DCT Gdańsk.

We visualized the process of from the arrival of the driver at the terminal, all the way to their departure with the loaded truck.

As part of the video, we recreated how DCT Gdańsk looked in the past and illustrated how it has developed over the years using a map that changes over time.


The animation showcases how the company ensures that product quality is maintained at every stage of production.

While visualizing various production stages, we paid attention to important company details, including the appearance of the facility, the trucks, the color of protective clothing, and equipment.

To help viewers understand the entire process, we periodically return to the quality control diagram for furniture production that was outlined at the beginning of the animation.


We presented the pallet production process on a single sheet of paper, allowing viewers to see it as a whole and thereby better understand it.

To illustrate why the quality standards of pallet production are so important, we used examples of situations where the quality matters for the wellbeing of people, as well as for the durability of products that are transported on the pallets.

We craft animations that are not just visually appealing but, more importantly, highly effective for our clients.That’s why we immerse ourselves in understanding the needs of your company and customers, conducting thorough analyses of the topics at hand, before kicking of the animation process.

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