Video animations for the Finance sector

Do you want to show customers the advantages of your new product offering? Or inform them about a new feature? All in just a minute or so?

At Explain Visually, we can help you achieve all that, and more:

  • We can present the advantages of your offer, using visual thinking techniques, storytelling and dynamic transitions that catch and hold viewers’ attention.
  • We can help you explain to customers how to open an account or use a service, enriching the classic walkthrough with animation elements, as we did for Bank Zachodni WBK or Revolut.
  • We can prepare engaging educational materials for your employees, so they are well informed about what is going on in the company


We have already produced more than 480 animations, including over 24 for the Financial Sector. We have been trusted by, among others:

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As cryptocurrencies become more popular, a number of tools for handling them are being developed, including Firstcoin’s Coin, which helps with tax accounting.

Together with Firstcon, we developed an animation that helped them stand out from the competition, and brought to live their unique offer in the crypto space.

The animation shows how the tool works and how it saves users time by collecting and organizing all their cryptocurrencies in one place.

JB Finance

The video shows a cross-section of the company’s services and their differentiators.

The animation is aimed at start-ups, so we opted for a looser style and form, to avoid falling into the overly bureaucratic look.

The animation uses plenty of metaphors, and we illustrated the words of the voiceover with appropriate icons and drawings, to help viewers more easily understand and digest the information presented.

Millennium Leasing

The animation was prepared for the company’s anniversary and shows how the leasing arm of Millennium bank has developed over the years.

We highlighted what the company offers in terms of leasing. Visualizing individual products against the background of the city – to indicate that Millennium Leasing is part of our daily lives.

In a simplified graphic way, we showed the value and number of transactions completed by the company and the number of contracts signed.

Bank Zachodni WBK (Santander Group)

The animation shows the educational program, which is aimed at children, their parents, and teachers.

The bank wanted to show screenshots and educational materials in an unusual and engaging way – hence the decision to work with us and develop an animation.

The video begins with an interesting statistic that captures the attention of the user and encourages further viewing.

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For Revolut, we developed a walkthrough of how to open an account on Revolut, step by step. Because, this is an instructional video, we used screenshots from the actual app to guide users.

This is a simple, very task oriented animation, so it does the job without any distractors.

The video was also used in a YouTube campaign, and therefore, we kept it as short as possible.

We specialize in creating animations that transcend mere visual appeal, placing a strong emphasis on delivering a significant impact for our clients. This dedication compels us to gain a deep understanding of your company’s requirements and your audience’s inclinations. We meticulously analyze the subjects that will be addressed prior to embarking on any project.

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