My job is to make sure that our customers are satisfied. And as a result, our company has grown. That’s why I conduct workshops with customers, set and implement our strategy, ensure the high quality of the creative process, write articles for our website, and many other things.

I have gained experience in the high-tech telecom industry and working in EV with over 200 clients, including companies such as IKEA, Carlsberg, TAURON, Pfizer, and ING.

I believe in taking care of a solid foundation, accuracy, and continuous development. I also value helping others, so I regularly advise pro bono startups and foundations.


As an office manager, I deal with all settlements and invoices.

As Klaudia’s external brain, I am the first contact for the client, I prepare offers, organize workshops (open and closed, carried out on behalf of a particular company), graphic records, and other activities, in which both Klaudia and people cooperating with us take part.

I support Klaudia’s company social profiles on Facebook. I am responsible for handling orders in the Internet store.


I’ve been working with Explainvisually since 2016. In our company, I’m responsible for creating a graphic version of the script or storyboard. It helps to visualize our scriptwriters’ ideas to present them to our clients in an easy and pictorial way. The storyboard must combine the creativity of our scriptwriters with the suggestions and comments of our customers, thanks to it, we create a coherent vision of the final project.

In addition, I am the author of numerous infographics and visualizations created for the individual needs of companies with which we cooperate.


I deal with visualizing all ideas on paper, which is drawing. My task is to make the concepts created in the script and storyboard real and breathe life into them. I invent the character of characters, backgrounds, and props.

In stop-motion animations, female drawing hands belong to me.


I put your most twisted ideas into practice. I animate/install/fit/work/plane – generally I charm as much as I can and where I can to have a “wow effect”. The most beautiful thing about this job is that there is no impossible – anything can happen!

At the beginning of my education, I understood that animation and postproduction was my love. The art school and studies at PJATK helped me polish my workshop and start an adventure on the borderline of technology and visual arts, which continues to this day – from printing, through mappings, animation, and editing.