Video animations for the Telecom sector

Want to explain a product or service to customers? But, are struggling because the offering is hard to explain, such as let’s say an OSS/BSS system?

Take advantage of our experience gained from working on more than 22 projects for the telecommunications industry.

  • We can visualize the intangible – such as the expansion or malfunctioning of a telecommunications network.
  • We can visualize the costs your customer will incur in the event of a failure if they don’t use your offer.
  • We can explain the processes, such as how to supervise the smooth operation of your network.
  • We can show the scope of your business and the size of your company, e.g. by presenting specific figures like the length of your fibre optics network or the amount of data you store in your data centres.


We have created more than 480 animations, including over 22 for the Telecommunications Sector.
We have been trusted by, among others:


This animation is the first in a series of educational recordings for the company’s customers.

The style of the animation makes it approachable and easy to watch, although the subject matter – explaining how OSS/BSS works – is complex.

Through close-ups, zoom-outs and matching icons, we convey the scale of OSS/BSS providers’ operations, and why they are so impressive.

3S Play Group

The animation we developed for 3S Play Group is aimed at medium and large companies and presents a service that can protect them from the serious effects of a telecommunications network failure.

We have illustrated what the service consists of including network scanning and protection through edge devices, both of which are elements that ensure that your network and its users are safe.

ExplainVisually is like the best Uber driver. Fast, not afraid of challenges and always delivering on time.

They can deal with a customer’s whining, accepting your point of view and when possible – will show you a shorter and better way to your destination. All that at a reasonable price. I give five stars.

Marcin Młodożeniec

Marketing Director, 3S PLAY Group


Infographics summarize a certain amount of content, sometimes complementing or explaining it. By using infographics you can present a company’s offer or its history in a single image.

They can be used on landing pages, in articles, proposals, or presentations.

We have prepared infographics for among others: 3S Grupa PLAY and Espirion. Please, find some of the examples below:

budynek firmy, koronawirus, nieodebrane połączenie, telecould, odebrane połączenia
konferencja, mężczyzna rozmawia przez telefon

We specialize in producing animations that go beyond mere visual appeal – our primary focus is on creating animations that are not only eye-catching but, more crucially, highly effective for our clients. To achieve this, we immerse ourselves in understanding the specific requirements of your company and your target audience. We conduct in-depth analyses of the subjects and themes to ensure that the animations we develop align seamlessly with your objectives. We ensure that our animations not only captivate but also convey the intended messages with precision and impact.

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