Video Animations for Business Development

Do you want to show how your service helps companies grow and increase profits? Explain how to join your cutting edge project? Or get funding for your new initiative?

Take advantage of our experience in producing dozens of animations that explain visually, and simply, how your project is of value, and why if you are not on board, you are missing out.

  • We can help you show how your service supports business development. Whether you want an animation about creating an effective sales strategy or a plan for exporting products to foreign markets, we got you.
  • We can help you choose an animation style that suits your goals. Such as vector animations when you want to emphasize brand expertise, or whiteboard animations when you want to shorten the distance between your offer and your audience.
  • We can visualize, how your project has benefited those who signed up, based on historical examples.
  • And many more..


We have produced more than 480 animations, and over 14 of those fall in the Business Development space. Some of our best one’s are presented below:


The animation is meant to encourage people to use the company’s consulting services.

We wove elements from the brand’s logo into the video and maintained a minimalist style.

The geometric elements that appear emphasize the words of the voiceover, thus conquering the message. The voiceover in the animation is Szymon Negacz, the company’s owner.

Export Experts

The animation is intended to show companies that want to increase sales or enter new foreign markets why they should use the help of Export Experts.

In the video, we refer all the time to the needs of the target group, while showing in visuals how companies can benefit from the help of external experts.

Silesian Union of Municipalities and Districts / Śląski Związek Gmin i Powiatów

The animation is aimed at small and medium-sized entrepreneurs from the Silesian province – it is intended to encourage them to join Local Action Groups.

The film was prepared in the style of whiteboard animation (it is drawn by hand and recorded in the studio), which helps shorten the distance with the audience.

The animation depicts how LDGs work and shows examples of successful projects.


The animation is aimed at companies that plan to implement process digitization.

We show how the company operates and what makes it stand out from the competition – we visualized, among other things, that it operates at the intersection of IT and business.

We opted for color minimalism and simple forms.

Funds for the Bielski region

The animation is aimed at business owners, institutions and organizations that want to get funding for their activities.

The video shows from A to Z how to get additional funds – so the animation also serves as a guide.

In the background of the animation you can see leaflets and materials of the Ziemia Bielska. We also used markers in the colors of the institution to draw, which helps viewers immediately associate the video with the brand.

Funds for the Masovian region

The animation is aimed at all companies, organizations and institutions in the Mazovia region. It encourages you to apply for funding and explains how to do it.

The topic is extensive, which makes the animation long. To keep the audience’s attention, we play with the tone of the voiceover and use various props on the screen.

We produce animations that are not only visually appealing but, more importantly, highly impactful for our clients. This is why we deeply immerse ourselves in understanding the requirements of your company and your audience. We meticulously analyze the subjects that will be addressed before commencing any project.

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