Video animations for Apps

Want to show how your app works and what value it offers prospective users?

Take advantage of the knowledge we gained from producing more than a dozen video animations, and give your app an edge over your competition. Through the use of animation, we will demonstrate the value of your app in a simple, and easy to understand way.

  • We can show your users how to use the application step by step, incorporating video screens, and animations to point out key steps.
  • We can highlight the main advantages of your solution, whether it is something like scanning a list of ingredients, or uploading a photo directly from your phone.
  • We can visualize various situations, in which your app truly offers something extra, transcending language barriers through the use of visuals..

To date, we have produced more than 480 animations, including over 24 in the app space. Here is a selection of a few projects, that we did for apps:

RAW Cyber

The animation makes potential customers of the company aware that a cell phone needs professional protection just as much as a computer.

With smooth transitions, the animation is dynamic and the statistics and graphs do not overwhelm the viewer but draw attention to facts, that prove a point.

We presented actual screenshots of the application to show the users, what the actual product looks like.


The animation is intended to show potential partners why the Compass application was created, what problems it solves and how it works.

An engaging introduction helps viewers empathize with the problems faced by blind people.

Screenshots of the app and accompanying visuals supported with icons clearly show the innovative features and how to use the app.


The animation is aimed at terminals that would like to streamline check-ins and thus increase traveller satisfaction.

We showed the amount of hardware needed to coordinate standard check-ins, and contrasted it with how much easier it is to use the app.

Basically, we created a simple video tutorial, highlighting the benefits of using the app, vs legacy solutions.


The animation introduces its potential users to all the app’s features and perks – achieving it all in just a few minutes.

The company decided on this form to catch the audience’s attention and engage them in the story of the main character, who cannot cope with the world of intricate cosmetic ingredients, and how Cosmopedia helps in this regard.


We start the animation by showing why you should be interested in the Koleo app in the first place – we list its advantages, including not having to stand in lines at the ticket counter.

Then we move on to a walkthrough – we show step-by-step how to buy and present a train ticket through the app.

We create not just attractive, but most importantly effective animations for clients, that’s why we delve into the needs of your company and customers and thoroughly analyze the topics covered, before kicking of a project.

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