Need to explain a tech product or a service to customers?

We have produced dozens of animations for software & hardware tech companies.

We worked with tangible products such as SmartHome systems and intangible ones like cloud services or RPA.

We have already produced more than 500 animations.
We have been trusted by, among others:


The animation explains how RPA (Robotic Process Automation) works and why companies should consider implementing it.

In the video we explain which processes RPA improves.

We visualized Flobotics’ data and included feedback from its customers to highlight its experience in implementing modern solutions in business.


This is the first animation from a series of educational videos about OSS/BSS.

The style of the animation makes it approachable and easy to watch, even though the subject – how OSS/BSS works – is complex.

Through varoius animation techniques, we managed to convey the scale of OSS/BSS providers’ operations.

Dynamic Solutions

This explainer video’s goal is to educate clients about BIMer (which helps visualize IFC files as 3D models) and convince them to try it out.

We explain why the solution is better than other available ones and show how BIMer works step by step. 

The topic is very technical, so to make the message clear and simple, we used minimalistic lines and colors.


The purpose of the animation was to show how Plasmacluster technology works and why it is effective.

Presenting the technology as a superhero helps people better undestand it, and shortens the distance between the company and viewers.

The video on the company’s YouTube channel has 250,000 views. Since its launch, we have prepared more animations for the company.


The animation is aimed at terminals that would like to streamline check-ins and thus increase travelers’ satisfaction.

We showed the amount of hardware needed to coordinate standard check-ins, to contrast it with the simplicity of the application.


The animation is to show potential partners why the Compass was created, what problems it solves and how it works.

An engaging introduction helps viewers empathize with the problems faced by blind people.

Screenshots of the app and accompanying visuals and icons clearly show the innovative features and how to use the app.


The animation is aimed at companies that plan to implement process digitization.

We show how the company operates and what makes it stand out from the competition – we visualized, among other things, that it works on theedge of IT and business.

We opted for color minimalism and simple forms.

European Rover Challenge

The animation explains to potential partners why the ERC is a well-organised future-forward event.

We start with a question: “What do these things have in common?” to engage viewers.

We incorporated some video footage as well, to show how the event looks like.

We create not only attractive, but most of all effective animations for our clients.

We get deep into your company’s products to show its strengths and neutralize objections.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to make an animation?
Animation production usually takes 4-6 weeks.

This, of course, depends on the length of the animation, its complexity, the studio’s occupancy and on how quickly a client can give feedback to stages of a prodution.

You can read more about our process in this article: “Explainer video production process“.

How much does an animation cost?
An animation usually costs $2,5-8k.

It depends on a great many factors. Including length of an animation, its complexity and type. We write more about it here: Animation cost. In this article you will also find a pricing.

What is the animation production process like?
We have explained in detail our step-by-step production process in this article: Production process. In a nutshell the process consists of the following steps:
  • Gathering materials (including Brief)
  • Workshop (usually online)
  • Creating a script (plus 1-3 revision rounds)
  • Creating a storyboard (plus 1-3 revision rounds)
  • Drawing and filming or preparing graphics
  • Editing
  • Last revisions
How long should an animation be?
Most of our marketing and sales animations are 1-2 min long.

In contrast, animations for internal communication usually are longer – 2-4 min.

Why the difference?

The recommended length of an animation depends on several factors.

How interested is a viewer in the topic of the animation?
If they are actively searching for a company providing IT services, they will spend more time watching an animation about one of the companies.

If, on the other hand, they are just scrolling through YouTube and are not interested in services of such a company, they will be less patient. So the animation should be shorter.

What is the company’s goal?
When the animation is to build brand awareness, we recommend shorter videos.

When it is intended to educate employees, 2 minutes may not be enough (we recently did a 10-minute educational animation for internal purposes for one of international corporations).

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