Video animations for IT

We know how hard it is to explain a product or service, when it is something intangible, such as a cloud service or Robotic Process Automation. But, fear not, we have done such projects many times.

Take advantage of our experience gained from producing dozens of animations for the IT Sector.

  • We can explain what your service is, and how it can be of value, like we did with RPA, or a service offering data transfer to the cloud.
  • We can visualize things which are hard to describe – such as sophisticated data encryption and data security.
  • We can illustrate the risks that your customer faces, and how using your offering, can help avoid these risks.
  • We can explain the innovative technologies you offer, like we have done for micro Wi-Fi.
  • We can explain how your application works, by using animations combined with screenshots, and dressing it all in an engaging story.

We have produced more than 480 animations, including over 24 for the wider IT sector.Some of the clients, we have worked with are:

We have produced more than 480 animations, including over 24 for the wider IT sector.Some of the clients, we have worked with are:


The animation is the first in a series of educational recordings for Suntech’s customers.

The style of the animation makes it approachable and easy to watch, although the topic – explaining how OSS/BSS works – is quite complex.

Through close-ups, zoom-outs and matching icons, we convey the scale of OSS/BSS providers’ operations.


The animation we created for Flobotics, helps convince companies why implementing RPA (Robotic Process automation) can offer them an advantage.

In the video we explain what RPA is, how it improves processes, and how it can generate a lot of savings.

We showed a few of the company’s statistics, as well as shared customer feedback to highlight the positive experience customers have, when implementing Flobotics solutions into their business.


We consulted the content of the voiceover from the beginning with the company’s technical department, since the animation is supposed to go to IT departments and specialists.

To keep the viewer’s attention, we introduced a lot of elements of surprise and metaphor, and took care of dynamic transitions.

3S Play

For 3S Play, we used moving elements in our animation, to show the advantages and disadvantages of storing data in the cloud versus storing data in an in-house server room.

By showing the two paths a customer can take when deciding how to store data, it helps the viewer understand the options they have, and trust 3S Play, as a reliable partner to offer the right solution.

ExplainVisually is like the best Uber driver. Fast, not afraid of challenges and always delivering on time.

They can deal with a customer’s whining, accepting your point of view and when possible – will show you a shorter and better way to the destination. All that at a reasonable price. I give five stars.

Marcin Młodożeniec

Marketing Director, 3S Grupa PLAY


GoNextStage specializes in helping companies implement process digitalization, and that is what we depicted in our animation.

In the video we show how the company operates and what makes it stand out from the competition – among other things, in the video we explain how GoNextStage operates at the intersection of IT and business, offering the best of both.

We opted for color minimalism and simple forms, to help land the key message, and keep the animation easy to grasp.


For Infinity, we developed an animation that is aimed at IT employees who serve customers around the world, and who could be interested in getting some high quality insurance.

By using storytelling, the animation draws the viewer in from the very first second, and keeps him/her engaged throughout.

Using a timeline, we visually showed how the cost of mistakes increases over time, and how having Infinity insurance helps avoid these huge costs.


PENTA offers fast acting IT service, which we visualized in our animation, highlighting the more unique aspects of their service.

We appealed to human nature, by showing what the possible financial losses are of IT problems, and how these escalate quickly if you do not have proper fast acting IT service, like PENTA to help out in times of need.


Edison was celebrating their 25th anniversary, and we had the pleasure to create an animation to help them with the celebration.

In the animation, we took the viewers through 25 years of EDISON history, using their technology, and milestones, as the thread throughout.

In the video, we created graphic representations of real-life employees based on their photos, to make it more relatable to all of the employees watching the video, as they could recognize their colleagues.

We excel in crafting animations that not only captivate but, most importantly, deliver tangible results for our clients. Our approach involves a comprehensive exploration of your company’s needs and a meticulous analysis of the subject matter before commencing the creative process, which results in the final animation. Of course, we check in with you in the meantime to make sure that we are on the right track.

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