Video animations for the FMCG sector

Do you want to show customers that your product has been prepared with the best ingredients? Why it is better than your competitors? Or perhaps you want to effectively educate your factory employees?

We can help you, with all of those and more.

  • We can prepare engaging educational materials for your employees, regarding health and safety procedures on the factory floor.
  • We can help you educate the viewer in a simple way, emphasizing the advantages of your offer by visually illustrating the nutritional value of your products.
  • We can create cartoon representations of your product, whether it’s bottles of beer or cheese, and in that way attract the viewers’ attention.


We have produced more than 480 animations, including over 16 for the Consumer Goods sector.
A few of the projects we have created include:

logo carslberg
logo carslberg


In this animation for Nestle, we explain how the weight-loss agent Optifast works.

Optifast was an international project carried out in Arabic: we involved people that were fluent in Arabic, and paired them with animators in Poland. It was one of our most rewarding projects, that also required resolving some cultural differences.

Why did we use hand-drawn animation? Because, the human hand helps you connect and build a bond with the viewer, it makes it more pleasing to watch.


The animation had to attract the attention of the company’s potential customers, and at the same time it had to be light-hearted – so we decided to use whiteboard animation.

The video is long, and there is a lot happening on the screen. Therefore, the hand uses a variety of props, to keep it interesting and maintain the audience’s attention.

As part of this project, we delivered a total of 6 animations for Carlsberg.


For Bahlsen we developed an animation that explains to employees what the company’s new continuous improvement system is all about and why it’s key for the company’s continued growth.

In the animation we made an accurate representation of the company’s production facility, and we took special care to use the right colors, and equipment to mimic the real life situation as closely as possible.

Client comments

The visualization used contributed significantly to a better understanding of the elements of Bahlsen’s continuous improvement system.

The old saying goes that a picture is worth more than a thousand words – the use of simplicity and minimalism in the video simply and clearly presented the B.Excellent program to any viewer..


Agnieszka Prusaczyk



Agnieszka Bajek-

for Group Operational Excellence Program

Piotr Pitala

CEE Supply Chain Director
and Group Operational Excellence Program Manager

We don’t just craft animations that look good; our emphasis is on creating animations that truly work for our clients. This involves a thorough exploration of your company’s needs and an in-depth understanding of your audience. We take the time to analyze the specific themes and subjects involved, ensuring that our animations are not only visually appealing but, more importantly, aligned with your goals. By delving into the intricacies of your business and thoroughly examining the topics covered, we guarantee that our animations are not only attractive but also highly effective, delivering messages that resonate and make a lasting impact.

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