Video animations for HR

Do you want to show prospective job candidates that your company is a great place to work? Or maybe you want to explain health and safety procedures to your employees in an engaging way?

For these, and many other HR type needs we have developed simple, and effective animations.

  • We can create an animation that highlights why working at your company is great, for example by presenting the benefits your company offers, the possibilities for development and average tenure of your employees.
  • We can create visual representations of your offices, factories, or warehouses, and use them to educate employees about specific health and safety rules that they should follow.
  • We can visualize what kind of tasks are required in a certain job, for example what a machine operator should do in the factory.
  • We can explain to your employees in simple terms the most important changes in legislation, rules or regulations, or perhaps introduce the new company strategy, to get them excited about where you are headed as a business.


We have produced more than 480 animations, including 16 for the Human Resource Sector. A few of our projects, are presented below:

santander logo
santander logo


In this animation for Greenyard, we explain the factory’s health and safety rules to both new joiners, and factory guests.

We prepared it in the form of a whiteboard animation (where the animator’s hand is drawing along with the video) to create a connection between the company and the viewers.

To engage viewers in the video and add a bit of a humorous element, the main character of the animation is broccoli, which fits the company’s product offering of veggies and fruit.

Pomeranian Labor Platform / Pomorska Platforma Pracy

For the Pomeranian Labor Platform (PLP), we developed an animation that is aimed at people coming from the Ukraine, and looking for a job in Poland. It shows them how the PLP can help them find a job, and why it would be beneficial for them to use the platform.

The film shows a selection of positions that are available and that can be applied for.

Because this animation was also to be used in public on billboards, we created it in such a way that it could be easily cut into shorter parts. For the same reason, we gave this video subtitles, rather than a voiceover, since obviously sound wouldn’t work on billboard.


The animation is developed for PGE’s current employees and potential job applicants. It highlights how PGE upholds itself to high labour standards, and what benefits it offers to employees.

In the video, the use of specific data points is frequent, to lend more gravity and seriousness, to the message.

The animation style is light and airy, and the use of music engages viewers and helps keep their attention.

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We specialize in creating animations that are not only visually appealing but, more importantly, highly effective for our clients. Our process involves a deep dive into our clients’ company needs and their target audience. Before we embark on the creative work, we conduct thorough analysis of the topics to be covered.

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