Video animations for Pharma

Do you want to show how your medicine works inside the body? Or maybe present the advantages of your product to Health Care Practitioners, such as doctors and pharmacists?

We can help. With over 480 video animations produced to date, we can make any idea or need you have come to life. Some of the things we can do:

  • We can visualize the inside of the human body, as well as internal processes that are going, like we did with the secretion of digestive juices for one of our clients..
  • We can show how various medications work, for example how a particular drug can help support neurological processes in the brain.
  • By playing with color, close-ups and other visual effects, we can, among other things, visualize a cross-section of tissue and illustrate how an active substance penetrates the skin to deliver relief.
  • We can visualize the intangible – such as the structural pattern of a substance or DNA, and how it works on the body.
  • We can help you educate your customers about the benefits and efficacy of your products, like we did with the latest X-ray equipment quality control devices.


During our time as a video animation agency, we have created over 23 animations for the wider medical sector. A highlight of some of our work is presented below:


Animacje są The animations we developed for Mylan, were aimed at doctors and pharmacists and strictly for internal use, which is why for this particular project, we limit ourselves to only presenting a few screenshots.

The animation series we created for Mylan was co-developed with Mylan experts, and doctors so as to make sure that all anatomical details were correct.



The purpose of the animations for Diagnomatic is to educate existing and potential customers about the new quality control equipment for X-ray machines.

Simplified visualizations of the equipment paired with a demonstration of how it works allows prospective customers to better understand the benefits that Diagnomatic offers.


MediClub is Medicover’s educational platform for patients. It offers valuable information, and comes in an ease to use application.

To illustrate the convenience of the app, we created a main character that was using the app in everyday situations – showing how easy and convenient it is to use on a daily basis.

We specifically used darker colors at the beginning to show what life is like without the app, then “brightening up” once the main character starts using the app, to highlight the transition from a worse place, to a better future.

More then just Meds – „Więcej niż LEK”

The animation is aimed at medical students who are preparing for the final exam, before obtaining their medical licence. We encourage them to buy the course, by highlighting key benefits.

We started the video off by presenting the general outline of the course, followed by the key elements that are covered, and ending with the advantages the course offers to medical students.


Working with ExplainVisually was structured from the beginning – we were given detailed information about the process and guidance that helped us quickly get to grips with the script.

From the beginning, we were impressed with how they were able to tell our story and convey the atmosphere of the course.

When we needed to change the video a bit after 2 years – there was no problem with that! The EV team found a solution, thanks to which the film serves us to this day. We highly recommend it!

Adam Karmiński

COO , Bethink


For Qiagen, we created an animation to make employees aware of the various divisions, and operations that Qiagen has, and what they are responsible for.

In this visualization, we used the company’s “DNA”, as a metaphor to dive into the various departments, and draw the viewer in.

My Pacjenci

The animation is aimed at older patients and encourages them to get tested, highlighting the importance of regular testing to avoid more serious health problems.

In the video we used the example of osteoporosis. By using the metaphor of a tree, we gave people something that is more easy to grasp, and hopefully, stays in their memory for longer.

To be able to deliver top-notch animations, we always start with a thorough understanding of the needs of our clients, the offering they have, and who is the target group for their offering. Only after we feel we have a good grasp, we start working on the actual creative. This way, you can be sure that it won’t just be beautiful, but also valuable for your business.

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