Our work, regardless of the project we implement, is based on 5 steps.


We implement all projects based on the author’s creative process. Our professional modus operandi is inspired by Design Thinking, Psychology, Storytelling, and Visual Creativity.


The primary goal of the creative process is to arrange the client’s message into easily understandable stories, create key visuals, compress the presentation, and adjust everything to appeal to the targeted sales audience.


I. Understanding the Target Group


Understanding our client’s target group is the absolute foundation of our work. To design a message well, we need to understand the people with whom we are talking as well as the contextual details of our conversations with them.


Who are the intended recipients of our client’s products and/or services? What are their needs and problems? Has the company already communicated with them before? Was that communication fruitful?


We learn the answers to these questions by reviewing past communications with our client as well as through conducting market research analysis and/or interviewing selected potential customers within our client’s target group. Then we collect and collate all pertinent data using Design Thinking tools.


This process helps to ensure that the elements of language, graphic style, methods, and locations match with the target group our client seeks to reach.


II. Collection and Analysis of Substantive Content


At this stage, we collect specific substantive information from the client. Most of the information consists of meeting notes, articles, brochures, websites, and reports.

Because we already understand the target group at this stage, we look for information that may be valuable to its members. In other words, we collect blocks of data that we use to build a message. Sometimes, we’ll use stories. Other times, we’ll use trivia or eye-catching statistics.


At this point, Visual Thinking and knowledge of psychology benefits us greatly. Thanks to these capabilities, we know how to convince our viewer. This is usually the moment when we dispose of all unnecessary elements. We move straight to the heart of the matter around which we build our client’s paramount message.


III. Building a Message and Telling a Story


Although we have blocks to build the message, we must arrange them properly.

Thanks to understanding the target group and project goal, we know what story we want to tell. We decide whether it should be humorous, dramatic, or perhaps contemplative. What analogies or metaphors do we want to utilize? What emotions should be evoked? What hero should be chosen? Accordingly, we use Hollywoodian storytelling models to make the story engage the viewer.


IV. Visualization


We experiment with visualizations at this stage. Here, we also use Visual Thinking and proprietary drawing methods. We test different ways of showing the same thing. In the case of infographics, an average of 10 projects are created before we send a draft to the client.


V. Final Touches


We check our projects in terms of three criteria:

  • Effectiveness. Draw the attention of the audience.
  • Transparency. Let recipients understand what we want to convey to them.
  • Accuracy. Compel the recipients to remember our message.

Finally, we send the project to the client and then apply his/her feedback.




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“Working with ExplainVisually was great from the start – we were given detailed information about the process and guidance that helped us get to grips with the script quickly.

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Adam Karmiński
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Marcin Młodożeniec
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“Thanks to the workshops, we quickly understood where we were making mistakes in communicating our offer. We have prepared a new way of describing our products, closer to what our customers really need.

And all that in a very kind and professional atmosphere.”


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