Video Animations for Education

Do you want to attract students by accentuating the advantages of your university? Or maybe increase revenue by attracting new participants to your course?

Take advantage of our experience gained from producing several dozen animations for universities, schools and companies.

  • We will draw the viewer into your story, such as showing the development of the university over the years or examples of initiatives to activate students and teachers.
  • We will clearly show how your product organizes and supplements knowledge, preparing for important exams, such as matriculation or university entrance.
  • We will show how your teaching methods help students learn better and faster – we will emphasize what makes them stand out, such as the approach to classroom organization or the way the room is set up.
  • We will explain how your platform or application works, dressing the whole thing up with storytelling or through a walkthrough with animation elements.


We have already produced more than 480 animations, including over 40 for the Education Sector. We have been trusted by, among others:


The animation encourages teachers to join the Time4Tea program, an international initiative that activates students.

We wanted the animation to stand out, but align closely with the name of the company so we used props – a cup, tea and a box.

The animation was prepared in English first.

Catholic University of Lublin (KUL)

The animations we prepared for the university encourage foreign students to apply to study at the Catholic University of Lublin.

In addition to presenting how easy it is to apply to KUL, we also show the advantages of Lublin, the city’s vibrant cultural and student life, as well as the many parks, and facilities that make life easier.

Goethe Institute

The animation introduced a new teaching method that the Goethe Institute offers their users, in this case teachers.

In the animation we presented some specific tips and ideas – that inspire viewers. For more information, we refer them to the Institute’s website at the end.

We prepared the video in two language versions – German and Polish.

ExplainVisually produced an interesting and successful video for the Goethe-Institut in December 2017 as part of the “German Has Class” project. Cooperation with the company was exemplary thanks to carefully prepared materials and well thought-out procedures. In all phases of implementation, demonstrated reliability, flexibility and openness to our needs, including the need for modifications at the post-production stage.
Contact with the contractors was easy. They responded professionally to the reported comments and met the agreed deadlines. Highly recommended!
Ewa Dorota Ostaszewska

Coordinator of the "German has class" project, Goethe-Institut

Primary School in Radowo Małe

The goal was to show the school’s modern teaching model and inspire other establishments to implement a similar model.

In the animation, we first show what has been done and how the new system helps students, and only then mention the source of funding – in this way the school’s grassroots activities impress viewers even more.

The results of the cooperation exceeded our wildest expectations – on Facebook alone, the video recorded more than 35,000 views and more than 500 shares, which for the education sector is a fantastic result.
What’s especially important for us, the video has encouraged more teachers and principals to come to Radow for a study visit and to talk about solutions that will help them reform their own school. Others invited us to visit them.

I thoroughly enjoyed the professionalism, creativity and commitment of the entire film crew at every stage of production, and I highly recommend working with ExplainVisually.

Ewa Radanowicz

Director, Elementary School in Radowo Male Academy

The animation shows clearly in 2 minutes what Power Query is all about, and why you should sign up for a course at the Academy.

Bartosz Czapiewski, the owner of the Academy, lends his voice to the voice-over of the animation.

The video has been very successful in bringing in new clients, and helping get a foot in the door with HR departments. Have a look below, at what Bartosz himself wrote.

After the initial contact, everything went quickly and smoothly – great communication, understanding of the task at hand, developing the idea, recording the video, and adding in the voiceover.
This video has brought me a lot of orders, new students in the online academy and a lot of buzz. It’s constantly relevant, so I use it on a daily basis to communicate with clients, encouraging them to pass it on.
Bartosz Czapiewski Academy

High school chemistry graduation maps

The animation is aimed at students and their parents – it is intended to encourage them to buy chemistry high school graduation maps.

The author of the maps is Patryk Wisniewski, author of a popular blog about learning chemistry, so in the animation, we decided to use him as the main character.

The video was shown as an advertisement on Facebook and YouTube, it delivers the key message quickly, and effectively.

More than just Meds – „Więcej niż LEK”

The animation is aimed at medical students who are preparing for the final exam, before obtaining their medical licence. We encourage them to buy the course, by highlighting key benefits.

We started the video off by presenting the general outline of the course, followed by the key elements that are covered, and ending with the advantages the course offers to medical students.


The animation shows how Wszechnica and its trainers educate company employees thereby improving their skills, and making them more effective at their jobs.

The film shows the main goals and objectives of Wszechnica and how it is affiliated with the Jagiellonian University.

In the animation, we cite numbers and statistics to emphasize the professionalism and reliability of the institution.

We create not only attractive, but most importantly effective animations for clients, that’s why we delve into the needs of your company and customers and thoroughly analyze the topics covered, before getting to work.

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