Company representative involved in the project:

Academy founder Bartosz Czapiewski. Advisor, trainer and speaker specialising in the field of analysis and reporting. On top of EffectiveReports, Bartosz also runs the blogs and


Bartosz came to us because he wanted to show HR departments that his PowerQuery training could bring real business value to their companies. He knew that once they understood how valuable his classes could be, it would be easier for them to purchase the training for their employees.

Why was this so important? There is a revolutionary add-on to Excel that makes it possible for any user to automate their work with data. However, most users are not aware such an option exits, nor is it covered in your standard Excel training programmes.

As the topic was very technical and concerns Excel, it was not easy to explain it quickly.



  1. Create an animation that explains plainly, quickly, and non-technically about Power Query – a new Excel functionality.
  2. Demonstrate the benefits of using this function and how it can save time and money.
  3. Advertise the blog, classroom training and online courses that offers.


A 2-minute animation, that clearly shows what Power Query is all about.

Bartosz has a personal connection with his students, which is why he was the perfect narrator for this particular animation.

The material was then made available on both the homepage as well on their YouTube channel.



The video yielded great results and still generates new orders today, both for classroom training and the Online Academy. It has also been used in interviews with HR departments.

To complement the video, illustrations have been created for trainees who have completed the Academy. With these, they can quickly share their accomplishments with their friends, while at the same time recommending the courses at the Academy.


The animation had a large reach on social media and provided the company with an influx of new customers. Source: Bartosz Czapiewski – Linkedin

The company, satisfied with the effects of the animation, also commissioned illustrations for students who completed classes at the Academy.

Client comment:

Ridiculed, hated, clunky, called something long past its prime, yeah, we are talking about Excel. However, Excel has gone through a revolutionary change. How do you communicate to the world that something important has happened that can positively change the work of many people? I had a big problem figuring it out.

Even in a direct conversation, I found it difficult to convince Excel users, let alone HR departments, often responsible for organising training. Then I came across explainer videos from ExplainVisually on the Internet and I got my “Eureka” moment. I needed a short, entertaining elevator pitch-style video to show what it was all about.

After the initial contact, everything went in a flash – great communication, solid understanding of my challenge, developing the idea, recording the video and adding the sound and voiceover. This video has brought me lots of extra business, a ton of new students to the online academy and a lot of buzz. It’s constantly relevant, so I use it on a daily basis to communicate with clients, encouraging them to pass it on.

Bartosz Czapiewski


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