Animations for the Automotive & Logistics Sector

Want to present your wide range of services? We can help you stand out from the competition. Nothing is too complicated for us to explain.

Take advantage of our experience gained from working on more than 16 projects for the Automotive / Transportation Industry.

  • We can show the multitude of products you offer, whether it be spare parts, tyres or electrical components
  • We can help you show how the market has changed over the years – which vehicles are now top of the line and how this is relevant for your customers.
  • We can explain what your solution is all about, like we did for a system that kept track of truck locations and an auto parts ordering program.
  • We can show the scope of your business and the size of your company, e.g. by visually presenting interesting statistics or creating graphics to show your geographical reach.


We have created more than 480 animations, including over 16 for the Automotive / Transportation Sector, a selection of a few projects can be found below.


The animation shows how the car aftermarket has changed over the years and why it is worth betting on van and van parts.

The video’s color scheme is minimalist and matches the brand look & feel.

We showed VanKing’s business approach, and what makes it unique.


The animation is short and dynamic from the first seconds to catch and hold the attention of YouTube users, where the company has purchased ads.

The animation focuses on highlighting the most important information for tire buyers, including a wide selection of products and various payment options.

DTC Gdańsk

The animation shows how the truck entry system works at the Gdansk terminal.

In the video, we explain how to use the e-gate system correctly to help drivers avoid unnecessary queues.

We drew the animation by hand to shorten the distance between the company and the viewers.

We make great animations by first understanding what our clients want, what they’re selling, and who they’re trying to sell it to. Once we really get it, we start creating. This means our animations are not only pretty but also helpful for your business.”

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