Video animations for Hardware

Do you want to emphasize the quality, or the innovative features of the hardware products you have on offer?

Take advantage of our experience gained from producing dozens of animations for similar products, like yours:

  • We can show your product from the inside out, emphasizing the most important features, showing how it works. Like we have done for a producer who 3D prints parts for manufacturing machines.
  • We can visualize benefits that are not visible with the naked eye, such as how an air purifier rids rooms from viruses and fungi.
  • We can demonstrate situations in which your customer would benefit from using your product – such as ordering missing parts for a factory at lightning speed.
  • We can explain how the materials used in your product deliver the highest quality and durability, like we did in one of our videos emphasizing how important silicon and aluminium thickness is in photovoltaic panels.


We have already produced more than 480 animations, including more than 19 for the Hardware Sector. You can find a selection below:


In the animation, we presented the highlights of the company’s offering to make it easier for salespeople to convince clinicians during sales meetings. Instead of having to talk through everything, they use the video and highlight key points.

In the video, you learn about the materials that are used to build photovoltaic panels, and why the use of these materials results in the highest quality and durability of the finished product.

Since the animation is aimed at people who have shown initial interest, we included a lot of statistics, research results and hard data to convince them to go one step further.

Explain Visually understood our needs very well and thus required almost no supervision during the creation of the video. Their proposed materials required very few comments. This was great news to us, as the animation took much less time, and energy to be completed than we anticipated.

We believe we have created a pioneering educational film in the PV industry that will help and educate our customers for many years to come.

Paweł Jeliński

Country Manager Poland, Winaico

Cubic Inch

The animation is aimed at manufacturing plants that want to be able to order machine parts very quickly in case of a sudden emergency.

In the video, you can see what the Cubic Inch system of ordering and producing parts looks like, and why it is so seamless and fast.

We have animated elements of the company’s logo, to highlight the brand, as well as add dynamism and cohesiveness to the whole animation.


In this animation for SHARP, we show how Plasmacluster technology works and why it is effective.

Presenting the technology as a superhero helps make the technology more “human”. Shortening the distance between the company and potential customers.

The video on the company’s YouTube channel has more than 250,000 views, and since the delivery of this first video, we have prepared many more, just like it.


For Blebox, we created a video based on potential hurdles that consumers have, and that Blebox resolves for them in a simple and visually attractive way.

In the video, we depicted actual modules that have already been installed in smart homes to introduce viewers to the product, and build confidence in the product, by showing that a lot of people already bought into the brand, and like the product.


The animation presents the advantages of the Nexo smart home system. It is aimed at people interested in smart home solutions, but not knowing which to pick yet.

The whiteboard animation style helps viewers focus on the message – their gaze follows the drawing hand.

In addition, to keep viewers interested, we used props in the animation – boards, plasticine, cards. These help keep the viewer engaged.


The purpose of the animation was to show the advantages of buying a personalized luxury watch.

In the video we show what the ordering and creation of the watch looks like and how the customer can personalize the process, and have a custom watch in the end.

We prepared the animation in an elegant, vector style that corresponds to the product and brand offered.


In this animation, we educate potential customers about the new X-ray quality control equipment that Diagnomatic offers.

Clear visualizations of the equipment are paired with a demonstration of how it works allowing prospective customers to better understand the benefits of Diagnomatic’s offering.

Xero Flor

The animation is targeted at homeowners and architects. It encourages them to either purchase green roofs in the case of homeowners, or to use them in their projects in the case of architects.

In the video we list the advantages of Xero Flor roofs, visualizing the company’s product in different conditions and seasons.

We show a cross-section of the roof and also different types of roofs, so that potential customers can see that there is definitely a roof that fits their particular situation.

At Explain Visually, we do more than simply create beautiful videos. We listen to your needs, we ask questions, we learn all we can about your offer. Only when we are satisfied with our level of understanding do we get to work. We deliver high quality animations that help you achieve your business goals. There is nothing too difficult for us to explain, and we welcome any challenges.

Would you like to get the details of the offer and find out how we can help you?