About the company:

3S Group – Polish provider of telecommunication services, data center and ICT solutions, and part of PLAY operator since 2019.



3S Group supports the realization of its clients’ business visions by designing and implementing ICT solutions. The company services 3,000 business customers, including leading players in finance, ecommerce, education, mining and HoReCa.

3S focuses on networking projects, cloud services, unified communications, and technologies that support business data security.


Company Size: 301-500 people

Company departments involved in the project: Heads of Marketing, Sales, Product and Solutions



To present the company’s new products in an accessible way.

3S has consistently changed its business model for many years. The company is transforming from a telecommunications operator and provider of simple data center services into a company building customized ICT solutions.

The company has created new brands assigned to the network projects it implements (TelcoNet), tele and video conferencing (Telecloud), cloud for business (Cloud2B) and cyber security (Security).


The challenge was to present to the market, in a simple way, the new elements of the product portfolio. To make it easier for the customers to see the value of new solutions, and as a result, to decide to buy them.

That is why 3S approached ExplainVisually to create materials translating the language of IT into the language of business.

It was crucial to show the translation of 3S Group’s technical products into customers’ business results.


Create materials for salespeople that:

– help open a meeting with a customer,

– show the business value of the offered solutions,

– stand out in the market and refer to the relaxed 3S communication style.

Our animations helped to generate leads, and also conduct sales meetings with customers.


A series of animations that tell about 3S’s services in a simple way.

The target group, information and examples included in the animations were prepared together with the sales and marketing departments, based on their experience with customers.

Thanks to that the material could realistically support sales, warming up leads and opening business meetings. In addition, we opted for a simple, cartoon style in order to relate to 3S’s relaxed communication style.



The campaign with the animations, generated the first leads within 24 hours of launch. It allowed the company to generate leads at 10 times less cost than before.

It also appealed to the salespeople who used it in meetings with clients.


Whiteboard animation about TelcoNet

Whiteboard animation about Security

Customer’s Comment:

ExplainVisually are like the best Uber drivers. They are fast, not afraid of challenges and always deliver on time. They understand client’s pain points, show a shorter and better way to the destination. And all for a reasonable price. I give five stars.


Marcin Młodożeniec

Marketing Director, 3S Group



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