The following list of animations from 16 countries worldwide is highly subjective. Each is interesting and unique for different reasons, which we write about in the text.


An animation released in 2018 by the British cookie company McVitie. The campaign featuring it cost £9.7 million. It was pitched both online and on television. In the research, it came out that up to 70% of the company’s customers found it eye-catching.


According to research by Unruly, a video advertising platform, the animation below, made before Disney, was the most attention-grabbing ad in Australia in 2020. In doing so, it overtook Coca-Cola’s Christmas spot.


De Ljin is a Belgian bus operator. The company opted for an animation that humorously and metaphorically shows the advantages of using public transport.


The protagonist of the Brazilian animation, prepared by the company Le Cube, is Senna. He is not only the (now deceased) Formula 1 driver, but also an icon of overcoming difficulties. This is what he is associated with in Brazil. That’s why he became the protagonist of an animation aimed at Brazilian athletes ahead of the 2016 Olympic Games. 


The spot of Danish NGO Bryd Tavsheden (translation: break the silence), which fights against violence against children, touched many hearts… which can be seen in the comments on YouTube under the animation.

The spot was prepared for several weeks by animation students. Polish media also wrote about the video in 2015.


Animation advertising the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021, prepared by a French studio. It combines tradition with modernity in an interesting way. While creating it, the studio used 18th century drawings, referring to history and imitating the old line.


Apple animation advertising the opening of the company’s store in India. It beautifully incorporates local symbols into the logo.


Japan could not miss being on this list. The country in which the animated films of Ghibli studio products are located.

In the case of the animation below, the story was key. Animation with spy Ando, advertising Head&Shoulders shampoo, quickly became popular in the Land of the Cherry Blossom.

Interesting fact: “&” in Japanese reads “ando”, which is where the spy’s name comes from.


An advertisement for the Canadian supermarket No Frills quickly circulated on the Internet. Stylized as an anime, it was full of twists and turns and grabbed attention in the first seconds.


When internet provider Jamii Telecommunications Limited released the animation below in 2013, it quickly became popular in Kenya. It was one of the first 3D animations shown on Kenyan television. Since then, in an attempt to replicate its success, other companies have started to invest in animation, and the animation market in Kenya has grown significantly.


Statoil has made a production in Norway that combines traditional film and animation. The animation, in this case perfectly captures an abstract concept and helps a dad explain to his daughter what he does at work in a fun and engaging way.


In 2014, the Polish Ministry of Interior released the animation “Smutny autobus”.

It aroused so many emotions that internet users went crazy about it. In the first week it was viewed 1.5 million times. It has also generated 100 thousand hits on the application that allows people to check the insurance of a vehicle, which increases safety on the roads.


Animated film by Tochka Opory, which deals with lighting. It was addressed at foreign companies and interestingly combines advertising and educational components in the video.

the United States

Animation from 2016, released by a hospital in New York about cancer. It is titled: “Unmasking a Killer”. It was screened during Super Bowl 50, among other events. It won two Clio Health Awards – for short film and animated film.


An animation released by the Ministry of Health in Vietnam on the prevention of coronavirus infection quickly became a hit.

the United Arab Emirates

A beautiful animation with an empathetic message released by NBD Bank in the United Arab Emirates.