About the company:

Flobotics is an RPA (Robotics Process Automation) development consulting company that automates dual and repetitive business processes for companies worldwide, focusing especially on healthcare and finance industry.

Company size:11-50 employees

Company departments involved: CEO, CMO



The company provides a complex service of automating business processes with Robotic Process Automation technology. Their main, ongoing challenge while talking to prospective clients is explaining what they do in a simple, understandable way.

They were looking for a straightforward solution to tell about their service and present their offer to target audiences.



Flobotics provided some animation references and sent us materials needed to create an engaging video

Firstly, we conducted a workshop to better understand their target audience and what they offer.

Secondly, we created a script. We went through a couple of rounds of feedback to make sure the message is clear and yet engaging.

The same goes for the storyboard, in which we included sample illustrations.

We decided to make the animation light, with some elements of humor. 

We created a main character – Christopher, whose company is in trouble… but thanks to smart robots, who perform tasks such as data entry, processing invoices, or responding to customer inquiries, the story ends well. 

In the video, we also discussed how RPA can be integrated into a company’s existing systems and processes, and how it can improve efficiency and reduce errors.



An informative and eye-catching 2.5-minute explainer video, which engages clients on Flobotics webpage. It helps them quickly understand what the company does and therefore shortens the conversion.

Client’s Comment:

The video has been instrumental in getting prospective clients to interact with our website, and it has done a successful job of shortening the conversation path.

They were quick and responsive from a project management perspective and helpful in implementing our ideas into the video. Moreover, they proactively listened to our feedback and presented many ideas for the project so overall, the collaboration was great.

We were impressed with their cost-effective approach and quality of deliverables.

I would advise you to clearly state what your desired outcome is and fully trust them in terms of storytelling – they really know how to simplify the narrative and visualise your ideas!


Michał Rejman
CMO, Flobotics


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