We are a laureate of this year’s ranking of 50 Most Creative in Business.

50 Creative is the biggest competition in its field in Poland. The ranking is carried out each year by Brief.pl. Amongst former laureates are CD Project, Brand24, iTaxi, LifeTube, Booksy or Znany Lekarz.

We are so happy, as this year’s competition was very tight, competitors very strong, and the jury – filled with experienced people of the industry, very hard to surprise after 7 editions of the competition.

We are all the more glad that we’re the only agency that made it to the final 50!

For us, it is extremely touching and inspiring, as we have just been thinking about closing the firm. Not because it wasn’t developing well – by no means, we had many clients. But the tragic death of Michał Trochimczyk, our Co-Founder, Klaudia’s fiancé and Maciek’s friend, was so tough on us, it was hard to find the strength to go on.

It was extremely grievous to stand back on our feet and had it not been the support and full mobilisation of our whole team and many friends outside of the firm, we would never make it.

In spite of an enormous tragedy we managed to break through and now we feel like the years of work of our whole great team have been appreciated.

We were the first company to teach Visual Thinking in Poland, the first whiteboard animation studio, and the very first agency that specialized in complex issues.

Making it into the ranking is just another proof that creativity is in our blood.
50 creatives Klaudia Tolman Maciej Budkowski

We would like to thank all our clients, employees, and the company’s many friends, who have all helped us reach the place we’re in now.

You can see the full ranking here: https://brief.pl/znamy-juz-50-najbardziej-kreatywnych-w-biznesie/