About the company:

Millenium Bank – one of the main banks in Poland, part of Banco Commercial Portuges.

Department: Department of Quality–responsible for providing equal and high level of customer and sales service in the bank’s facilities.



Keeping the highest standards of customer service for years has been one of strategic objectives of Millenium Bank. That’s why in April 2017 they started a project for enforcing and reminding of the standards of customer service.

As part of the project, the team of the Department of Quality looked for a fresh and interesting format to reach over 2000 facility employees in the whole Poland.

It was important for them to present the subject in an attractive and involving way. A new form of communication would help the employees more efficiently ingest extensive content, that until now has been shared via traditional channels of corporate communication.



1. To put that extensive content into interesting and possibly short form.

2. To regularly, attractively, and non-obtrusively remind the employees about the key standards of customer service. That would help raise the quality of customer service, and thus bump up customers’ satisfaction and sales.




A video series about the standards of customer service and the model of personal account sales, in form of 5 short whiteboard animations.

Films reached to senior employees, to whom it served as a reminder, and to new employees, whom it helped quickly internalize main procedures. Among recipients there were not only facilities’ consultants, but also senior managers.

The whole series was announced with the help of the first animation–a short trailer posted in the intranet.

After a week we posted second animation. It reminded the employees why the standards of customer service are so essential in the bank’s work. The third movie used simple,visual way to show key moments in the workday of a facility employee. Thanks to that the consultants were able to see how to implement said standards in practice.


An outtake from the movie

The fourth animation reminded about the advantages of mobile app,which we wanted the customers to be encouraged to try. In the fifth one, we told the employees about the importance of self-improving and self-developing, and the support they can get in it from the bank.

Considering that relationship with clients are themost essential element of company’s strategy, in the process of creating the movie participated representants of the highest company authorities.

Every single movie was filled with trivia and sense of humour, which helped internalize the information. Because it was designed as a series, all the movies were adjusted in terms of plot, style and colour palette.

The series were shared via bank’s channels of communication in two forms, with a voice-over and with subtitles.

Client’s opinion:

“Cooperating with the ExplainVisually team went exemplary, even though it was not short of a thrill associated with the very tight schedule. 🙂

 The team conducted the project in a very ordered and organised manner. Creative attitude, model communication, instant positive reactions to every change in the scripts and quick implementing of the amendments convinced us that impossible projects are something ExplainVisually does offhand. 🙂

 All that in good company with a heartfelt dose of good energy and sense of humour.”


Kamila Urbanowicz

Head of Customer Service Optimisation Team, Quality Department

Bank Millennium