For many years, I was the president of ExplainVisually, and I almost from scratch built our marketing, sales, customer service, production processes, finance, recruitment, and operational activities. Since 2023, I have been less involved in the day-to-day operations of the company, focusing on setting the strategy for the coming years.

Outside of ExplainVisually, I often advise technology startups in the areas of storytelling, product development, and Go-To-Market strategy – both privately and as part of the inCredibles accelerator by Sebastian Kulczyk, where I serve as a mentor. I have also helped build communication strategies for several multi-billion-dollar investment funds.

Furthermore, I am deeply involved in blockchain – I host one of the world’s most popular podcasts for blockchain founders and run my startup in this area.


I am responsible for cooperation with key clients.

I have over 10 years of experience in management and consulting.

Currently, I am a Partner at the independent consulting firm JP Weber and the Managing Director at, a leading foodtech accelerator in the Central and Eastern Europe region.


At ExplainVisually, I take care of our brand. This involves what we say, how we say it, and where to reach our audiences, both current and
potential clients.

My experience is primarily in marketing within the realm of large companies.

I have had the pleasure of working with brands such as Lipton, Ben & Jerry’s, o.b., and Listerine. These were both leading brands and smaller ones that I introduced to the market. In addition, I created the premium dog food brand Benji’s Planet.

Outside of work, I am interested in design, graphics, broad Brand Marketing, and you can find me climbing boulders in my free time.


I am the longest-serving colleague at ExplainVisually. I handle the administrative aspects of the company, marketing, and, along with Agata, coordinate projects.

I love all kinds of creative activities. I am a fan of blues, Indian culture, space, and cinnamon, among other things. I am a vegetarian and the proud mom of a dog named Imbir. “After hours,” I am learning to play the drums.


I am the link connecting you, our clients, with the entire production and creative team involved in creating your project.

As a psychologist by education and a producer by profession, I ensure that
the entire production process is efficiently planned, and communication between all its elements takes place in a positive atmosphere. My goal is for all of us to be ultimately satisfied, and for you to return to us with more projects!

Privately, I am the mother of two teenagers and Luna, a mixed-breed dog. I am a big fan of the sun, the sea, water sports, as well as yoga and vegetarian cooking.


Professionally, I am an illustrator and animator. I can’t decide whether I prefer static illustrations or when graphics come to life in motion.

Privately, I am the manager of household time, who can also find a place
for a good book, a board game (although as the kids have grown, they are not as eager to play), or knitting a toy, hat, or sweater.


Animated film is my passion. I love watching them, talking and writing about them, and creating them.

I leverage my years of experience in this field to ensure that your films are not only understandable but also have that original “something” that captures the audience’s attention.

In my free time, I love spending time with my family playing the violin,

piano, or board games.


I specialize in translating the visions of our clients into concepts and scripts.

I believe that the ability to come up with unconventional ideas is the most wonderful thing a person can possess – and words are the carriers of those ideas.

After hours, I hike on tourist trails, write film scripts, paint graffiti, and, of
course, compulsively read books and watch movies.


I have been with ExplainVisually since 2016. In our company, I am responsible for creating the graphic version of the script, known as the storyboard. It helps visualize the ideas of our writers in an easy and illustrative way to present them to our clients. It is crucial for the storyboard to combine the creativity of our writers with the suggestions and feedback from clients, enabling us to create a cohesive vision of the final project.

Additionally, I am the author of numerous infographics and visualizations created to meet the specific needs of the companies we collaborate with.


I specialize in bringing all ideas to paper, which means drawing. My task is to bring to life the concepts created in the script and storyboard and breathe life into them. I come up with the characters’ personalities, backgrounds, and props.

In stop-motion animations, the female drawing hands belong to me.


I bring your most twisted ideas to life.

I animate/edit/cut/transform/fix – basically, I work my magic wherever and however I can to achieve that “wow effect.” The most beautiful thing about this profession is that nothing is impossible – anything can happen!

Early in my education, I realized that animation and post-production were my true loves. Art school and studies at PJATK helped me refine my skills and embark on an adventure at the intersection of technology and visual arts, which continues to this day – from print to mappings, animations, and edits.


Right after sports, my second passion from an early age was drawing. Japanese anime and manga had a significant influence here. Since my first daughter was born, I returned to it. I learned drawing and computer graphics from many online and stationary courses.

For over three years, I have been responsible at ExplainVisually for creating storyboards, i.e., visualizing what is in the script, planning the appearance and course of scenes, and determining the initial appearance of characters. I also deal with the final preparation of scenes, characters, and graphics for animation. If necessary, I also create simple animations, especially infographics.