About the company:

Nice To Fit You (NTFY) – one of the leading brandson the Polish diet catering market.

Department: Marketing, responsible for expanding on the international market.



In Spain, diet catering is not as popular as in Poland.

Many Madrilenians don’t know of such service, nor do they know how it works. Because of this, catering firms have a hard time bringing in new clients.

NTFY marketing department has been looking for ways to quickly educate their target group about how the diet catering works and what are the advantages of such service.The companywanted to create a video content that would be simple and pleasurable for the viewer.

It was also important that the material remained up-to-date for long, serving the company for months, or event years.


1. To educate the Spanish market about diet catering

2. To use the position of the market leader and make an association between the box diets and NTFY brand.


A whiteboard animation creased on the basis of the knowledge of a Spanish client.

Insights we had and deep understanding of the target group enabled us to create a precisely targeted material, aimed at young modern people of Madrid.

Characters were designed based on the information about the target group representants, and the color palette was aligned with the firm’s visual identification.

In the first seconds of the video we tried to build contact with the viewer and talk about their problems. Then we presented them with a solution: the process of ordering and examples of the real food you can purchase. The whole thing was carried out within 2 minutes.

The video were shared via YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.

You can see it below:


Example criteria for decision makers when purchasing a CRM.

Client’s opinion:

“The project was demanding, as in Poland we have created a script for a film that had to tell about living in Madrid. But all it took was a couple of comments and suggestions and the film was completely suited for our needs, and came out great.

The greatest advantage of ExplainVisually is organization and good work planning, as well as recognizing the client’s needs.”

Paula Jeżak

Marketing Specialist

Nice To Fit You


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