About the company:

Winaico is a German photovoltaic module manufacturer, that has been in existence since 2008. The company operates in Europe, USA, Japan and Australia.

Company size: up to 100 people

Company departments involved in the project: Country Manager Poland.



Currently there is a very high demand for photovoltaic installations and modules in the world. As a result, PV traders have many meetings every day. However, as customers tend to have limited knowledge about PV, they need to be shown the differences between the different solutions.

The subject is technical, and not all product details can be quickly and easily conveyed during a conversation with a customer.

Winaico was looking for a way to assist salespeople by having a tool to educate the market on a larger scale.



  • Save time for salespeople and distributors; and
  • Efficiently educate potential customers about Winaico photovoltaic modules.



Develop a vector animation that included the most important points from the sales presentation.

The animation is available only in Polish, but its key points are still quite understandable

The animation summarizes the product features such as frame thickness, module size and silicon purity and translated them into the language of benefits. The vector animation was complemented with statistics from independent research on PV modules.

The video was shared on the YouTube channel of one of the distributors and thematic Facebook groups.



Salespeople reacted very enthusiastically to the material and show it to their clients, resulting in shorter sales conversations. And this allows salespeople to serve more interested customers. They are already taking orders for next year.

Client’s Comment:

ExplainVisually listened well to our needs and as a result, was very independent during production. The materials they proposed required very few changes. We were very pleased with this because the animation took much less time and energy to produce than we anticipated.

We believe we have created a pioneering educational video in the PV industry that will help to educate our customers for many years to come.


Paweł Jeliński
Country Manager Poland, Winaico

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