“I’m fairly certain that the reason I’ve managed [to sell the system worth millions of dollars – our note] lies in the fact, that I’ve spent a lot of time making sure the people I’ve been talking to know how to sell for me.

I was like a theatre director. I worked during the rehearsals, and I wasn’t there during the performance.”


Thats a statement of an industry sales manager that Neil Rackham quotes in his „SPIN Selling.” Even though it was about the reality of the ‘80s, today, for sure, it is not easier to sell.

The bigger the purchase, the bigger the number of people involved in the client’s side. Our animations help them understand the value behind sold solutions.


Animations that support lead generation

On a sales funnel level, our animations show clients that there is a solution to their problems. We speak about that solution simply and convincingly, which encourages the client to fill up the form and become your lead.

Our animations are also the perfect content to share on your website, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or e-mail. Thanks to videos, fans of the company may share the information about it with their colleagues or friends faster.


Animations that help you sell

On a sales funnel level, our animations help the client and his coworkers explore the offer. They’re like a well-put pitch that circulates the client’s company.

Salespersons usually send the animation at the end of a phone call, asking to watch it and forward it. When the meeting comes and are some of the decision-makers are absent, videos help them understand what the firm offers.

And because the pitch is so well-put, it eases onboarding new salespersons.

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