About the client:

VIDA provides cyber security solutions powered by artificial intelligence.

Size of the organisation:

More than 20 employees.

Company departments involved in the project:

Marketing Department, Technical Department, Sales Department


Many companies offer cyber security products.

Customers often do not know the difference between the various cyber security products, and how AI can help. However, changing the current system requires a lot of additional engineering work. Our task was therefore to convince business owners and IT managers that changing their current solution to VIDA is the right way to go. To show them that their current signature-based antivirus protection just isn’t enough in today’s environment.

VIDA wanted to use animations to explain how CylanceProtect and CylanceOptics solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning work.

VIDA wanted to reach with its message to medium and large companies, specifically to their owners, engineers, and IT department employees, especially for people with cybersecurity knowledge. Sales and marketing materials about the proposed solutions should be specialized.

At the same time – even though the message was addressed to specialists – it was necessary to talk about the topic in a simple and at the same time engaging way.


Show the competitive advantage of VIDA solutions (AV and EDR) and help the company acquire new leads.


We prepared a 2-minute animation that talks about the threats that companies face, about Blackberry/Cylance solutions, and about the advantages of working with VIDA.

We consulted the content of the voiceover with the company’s technical department from the very start. The animation was meant for IT departments and specialists, so it had to us the right language, relevant for the sector.

Initially, we proposed a vector style, but after careful analysis and a discussion with VIDA, we jointly decided to change our approach.

We moved away from vector animation and moved to digital whiteboard animation. We then proposed new visuals for the scenes, and got a hole in one!

Right from the start of our animation, we establish a connection with the target group and talk about the problems they face on a daily basis.

To keep the viewer’s attention we introduced elements of surprise and used metaphors – e.g. a skyscraper made of banknotes that disappears off-screen after a hacking attack. Or an eye that shoots down viruses protecting essential company equipment.

These elements bring a touch of humour and therefore lightness to the animation, which is very important when dealing with complex subjects – we don’t want to overload the viewer and make them stop watching.

For the same reason, we made sure to include dynamic transitions in the editing. As a result the video which covers the complex topic of cyber security, still remains light and enjoyable to watch.

The animation was shared on the company website, social media channels and on YouTube.

Client comment:

The beginnings were difficult. We were not satisfied with the first vector versions of the storyboard. Since, this was our first animation we chose an experienced agency which specialises in video creation. The result positively surprised the whole company and the producer of the solution, BlackBerry.


Ewelina Kozak
Marketing Manager

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