Concerned that your employees won’t fully understand the new project or strategy?

That they will:

Make it shallow?

Twist it?

Get a negative attitude towards it?

No wonder.

Many employees play Chinese whispers. And with each round, their understanding and engagement drop.

This is probably why:

59% of problems with implementing strategic initiatives
is due to insufficient communication 

“Project Management Institute’s Pulse of the Profession In-Depth Report: Enabling Organizational Change Through Strategic Initiatives” PMI, 2014


And the situation doesn’t get easier because of the fact that: 45% of internal communications professionals say employees receive too many messages and it’s hard to reach them.

“The definitive survey of the Employee Engagement and Internal Communication landscape” GateHouse, 2018

Just as it’s hard to assemble an IKEA closet without instructions, it’s hard to put a strategy together in your head without visuals.

That’s why we create materials to help you visualize, understand and implement your strategies and projects.

We offer:


A better understanding of the project by Employees

Because we tell about it in simple language enriched with visualizations.

Greater involvement

By emphasizing the “WHY” behind the project and neutralization of objections.

Faster implementation

With fewer questions, doubts, and tensions.

 Discover our services designed to help engage employees

in the company’s strategic initiatives.

Workshop strategic support

Sometimes, the direction of the company’s development depends on one meeting. Then, you want to be absolutely sure that all perspectives have been taken into account and the decisions being made are correct.

That’s why the Graphic Recorder appears at the meeting.

He stands at a special board and translates the words into visual metaphors in real-time. Participants see a clear, illustrated summary of their discussions, allowing them to get the full picture.

And no important thread escapes. We also do it online.

Animations presenting key initiatives

We create animations for management boards that describe their most important decisions.

As a result, employees better understand the broader business context of the company, and it is easier for them to accept the upcoming change. And when the narrator of the animation is a Management Board member, employees feel that it is not just another piece of dry corporate material.

Presentations about the strategy

The best strategy can be beautifully prepared, but it still needs to be communicated properly. When the strategy is not understood and accepted by employees, there will be resistance to implementation. Hence – delays that generate costs.

That is why we create presentations for Management Boards that clearly and convincingly talk about their vision. Thanks to tailor-made visualizations, they can smoothly lead their story to inspire their employees.

We will build your message on the strongest fundamentals.

 We use a system tested during many years of cooperation with startups, SMEs, corporations, and governments.


We get to know your project and its needs better.
We transform them into tangible goals.

Consulting workshop

We get ideas and product knowledge from your team. On top of that, we add our expertise.

Refining the message

We organize the material from the workshop. And, then, we refine it using our knowledge from sales, marketing, storytelling, psychology, and visual thinking.


We use the message to create effective OnePaAgers, animations, and sales presentations.

100% of our clients would recommend our services to other companies.

Learn our client’s stories

How our animation helped the „Wiecej niż LEK” website earn their first 100 000 EUR

How did Millenium Bank educate its employees on standards of customer service?

How did Orange tell their employees about the Continuous Improvement?

What makes us stand out?

We deeply understand the environment of large companies.

We have worked with over 30 corporations from industries such as finance, IT, pharmacy, and FMCG. We understand how to prepare the material to make it work.

You do not need to have experience in such projects.

We guide our clients through our proven collaboration process and take on the creative part.

You only get involved as much as you need to.

We work in iterative mode, which means that we propose various solutions ourselves, and all you have to do is give us feedback.

Contact us

We will advise you and answer all your questions.

Clients about us:

“Working with ExplainVisually was great from the start – we were given detailed information about the process and guidance that helped us get to grips with the script quickly.

From the beginning, we were impressed with how they were able to tell our story with images and convey the atmosphere of the course.”


Adam Karmiński
COO @ Bethink


“ExplainVisually are like the best Uber drivers. They are fast, not afraid of challenges and always deliver on time.

They accept the client’s complaining with understanding, and when necessary – they will show a shorter and better way to the destination. And everything at a reasonable price. I give five stars.”


Marcin Młodożeniec
Marketing Director,
3S Grupa PLAY


“Thanks to the workshops, we quickly understood where we were making mistakes in communicating our offer. We have prepared a new way of describing our products, closer to what our customers really need.

And all that in a very kind and professional atmosphere.”


Anna Streżyńska
CEO MC2 Innovations,
former Minister of Digitalization

And if you want to know more before you decide,

see our text and visual materials…