About the Client:

European Rover Challenge (ERC) is the largest robotics and space event in Europe, organized since 2014. The multi-day event attracts students from universities, professionals working in the space sector and space enthusiasts from around the world every year.

The event consists of two parts. The first is the international Mars rover competition, part of the Rover Challenge Series – the most prestigious robotics competition in the world.

The second part of the event is the Inspiration Zone – exhibitions, workshops and demonstrations dedicated to the space sector, space technologies and science, for visitors of all ages. The event is visited annually by specialists and astronauts from NASA and the European Space Agency.

Size of organization: up to 15 people

Company departments involved: CEO, Head of Communications


The project has successfully communicated to event attendees over the years, and the ERC attracted nearly 500,000 people – offline and online – in 2021 alone.

As the project grew, the ERC team wanted to refresh communication with potential sponsors. This was quite a challenge, as the space industry is a rather abstract area for both the media and most companies.

Therefore, it was important to show the bigger idea behind the ERC event, how ERC is educating and inspiring the next generation of engineers, and how potential sponsors can get involved.



To create a video that would make it as simple as possible for potential partners to understand the project and its value and encourage them to get involved.



In preparation for the project, we read the client’s materials, watched video from past events and held an online workshop to develop the message.

During the workshop, we built an outline of the sponsor’s persona and prepared arguments and examples to convince them.

The project was based on a combination of video and animation. Thanks to this, the animation was able to bring the bigger idea of the ERC closer, and carefully selected frames from the video footage showed how the event looks like in reality.

In addition, to catch the viewers’ attention, we opened the animation with interesting facts about the impact of space technology on our daily lives.


The footage is being used in meetings with potential partners and sponsors, where it helps the ERC team talk about the project in a structured way.

Client comments:

The Explainer video created in collaboration with ExplainVisually is an interesting and compact tool for us to show the value of the event to people who were not previously familiar with it.

The concise and aesthetically pleasing form of the animation appeals to the audience, explaining how much benefit ERC brings and why it is worth becoming a partner.

Mateusz Bogusz,
ERC Promo Coordinator,
European Space Foundation

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